The fall of Roman Empire

Some historians point out that the fall of the Roman Empire is to the metal “lead”. Romans had used lead materials in their food storage vessels and to line the channel used for transporting water. Since lead is a known neurotoxic that is proven to affect mental performance, researchers think that ancient Romans lost some of their mental capacities & abilities to make intelligent choices, thus causing their empire demise. Lead crosses the blood- brain barrier and can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s, and learning disabilities.

Opinion – Afghanistan’s Bleak Options

Courtesy: TheMarkNews, Aug 17, 2009

by: Saeed Rahnema

Saeed Rahnema is a Professor of political science at York University and media commentator on the Middle East.

Travelling through Afghanistan in the mid-1970s – in every way a previous century – I was able to witness signs of development and the germination of some symbols of social change in a glaringly undeveloped society. This was when Davoud Khan had led a palace coup against his royal cousin, Zahir Shah in 1974, launching some gradual, though modest reforms. The radical communists soon toppled Davoud with the plan of bringing socialism to a backward feudal/tribal land. This was followed by superpower rivalries, the Soviet invasion, civil war, Mujahideen rule, anarchy, the birth of the Taliban, the U.S. invasion, and finally the installation of the present regime of Karzai-NATO. After nearly 40 years of unbelievable suffering and enduring misery, a female candidate for president, Shahla Atta, has pledged a return to the modernizing policies of Davoud Khan.

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Big belly risk

Having a big belly in your 40s can boost your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia decades later, a new study suggest. It’s not just about your weight. While previous research has found evidence that obesity in middle age raises the chances of developing dementia later, the new work found a separate risk from storing a lot of fat around the abdomen. Even people who weren’t overweight were susceptible. That abdominal fat, sometimes described as making people apple-shaped rather than pear shaped, has already been linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

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Only Sindhis have rights over Thar Coal

– Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

A news item under title “Only Sindhis have rights over Thar Coal” in Sindhi interestingly is published in web magazine “WICHAAR”. This magazine, although focused on the promotion of Punjabi and culture, has been remarkable in promoting Sindhi language and bringing Sindhi and Punjabi communities closer to each other. THe news item describes a recent demonstration in Hyderabad Sindh in which demonstrations strongly criticized federal government’s action to take over the management of huge coal deposits in Thar area of Sindh. The demonstrations also demanded that ownership of all natural resources found in Sindh including oil, gas, and coal belong to the people of Sindh.

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