Allama Iqbal and his poetry

by: Omar Ali, USA

Allama Iqbal had many sides. He was a very bright student (Arnold recognized that), but he was also a from a neo-convert molvi family that still had issues with their Hindu relatives and whose social outlook was conservative and conservative in the medieval orthodox manner, with very little balance from the more rainbow colored diverse folk traditions of Punjab. This mullahism sneaked more and more into his poetry as he got older (probably because he was intoxicated by the wah wah that his jihadi and obscurantist poetry got from the himayat e islam crowd). He did have other good qualities though: he was lazy, loved wine and music, liked to chat with his friends and smoke hookah and avoid his nagging wife and loved kabootar baazi, the sort of person most men would enjoy hanging out with (.. but I just mean that in our society these are mostly male pursuits even today) … and all well documented by his son and others close to him.

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There is no fire in hell. Everyone has to bring their own


by: Prof. Gul Agha

Vataayo Fakiiru’s amaan [mother] once said to him on a cold night: “Vataayo! You are close to God. It is very cold. Can’t you ask God to spare a tiny bit of the fire in hell to keep us poor people warm here?”

“Amaan!” Vataayo answered, “There is no fire in hell. Everyone has to bring their own.”

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

August 30, 2009

Fiber- The Miracle Ingredient

Researchers have discovered the familiar old ingredient as a new ingredient called fiber. The high fiber meal plan helps to accelerate weight loss,  helps to maintain optimum weight maintenance for life,  incorporate metabolic in boost,  heart and colon. In addition fiber helps in prevent many of the major diseases- including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It also helps to reduce hunger to prevent us to eat harmful food all the time. Fiber also remove toxic waste from colon, help prevent colon cancer by keeping pH in intestines, promote regular bowel movements and prevent from constipation. Some Food source of Soluble Fiber: Apples, pears, Carrots, Beets, Lentils, Oranges, peaces, and peas, etc. Some Food source of Insoluble Fiber: Dried beans, Fruit skins, Potato skins, Root vegetable skins Whole weat, Whole grain, etc

Nationalist politics of Sindh

“Politics and political principles: nationalist politics of Sindh ”

by: Jamil Junejo.

Politics has greater importance and wider scope. It is such inseparable part of humans life that even those who deny being political falls into category of political being. For, just as man born into society is called social animal, similarly man born in state is, in principle, political animal.

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Sindhi Encyclopedia

HYDERABAD: Scholars’ help sought for encyclopaedia

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, June 23, 2008

HYDERABAD, June 22: Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism Sassui Palijo has said that instructions have been issued for compiling a Sindhi encyclopedia and urged Sindhi writers, scholars and intellectuals to cooperate with the provincial government in this huge project.

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