PAKISTAN: A human rights activist faces terrorism charges for publicising the murder of Christians, while the mullahs who incited the violence remain free

To: The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Islamabad

Name of the Victim: Mr. Tariq Mehmood, son of Mohammad Tufail Ansari. Resident of village Basti Danishmandan, Chak no. 264, G-B, district Toba Tek Singh,  Punjab

Names of the perpetrators: 1. DSP, Toba Tek Singh district. 2. SHO, Toba Tek police station, Punjab 3. DPO, Toba Tek district, Punjab, Pakistan

I am writing to register my deep concern regarding the arrest of Tariq Mehmood, an activist working for the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and the Labour Party of Pakistan, on charges of terrorism and disturbing the peace. The charges disproportionately refer to demonstrations he helped arrange after the burning murders of a number of Christians, and the burning of their houses by Muslim extremists. Police have not arrested those who incited the violence using the loudspeakers of mosques, which is illegal in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Energy Report- Sindh produces 31% more than what it consumes

Pakistan Energy Book 2008 Report
By Mohsin Babar
Please note: Mohsin Babar is an Islamabad based senior journalist, he writes for fortnightly Sindhi Magazine “Affair”, Sindhi Daily “Kawish”, and hosts a TV program from Islamabad for KTN News, a Sindhi News Channel.
Government of Pakistan has announced 7th Petroleum Policy yesterday on April 5th, 2009. New policy binds oil and gas exploratory companies to give maximum 50% of unskilled jobs to people of local districts.
Province-wise Oil per day Production
Total 70145
Sindh 39370 56%
Punjab 17856 26%
NWFP 12847 18%
Province-wise Consumption
Sindh produces 31% more than what it consumes
Punjab produces 30% less than what it consumes
NFWP produces 9% less than what it consumes
Balochistan produces 10% more than what it consumes
Gas Production in country

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US State Department Directed International Visitor Leadership Program

Forwarded by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

International Visitor Leadership ProgramThe International Visitor Leadership Program annually brings to the United States approximately 5,000 foreign nationals from all over the world to meet and confer with their professional counterparts and to experience America firsthand. The visitors, who are selected by American Foreign Service Officers overseas, are current or potential leaders in government, politics, the media, education, the arts, business and other fields.

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Happy 95th Birthday to Ibrahim Joyo

M. Ibrahim Joyo
Ibrahim Joyo

Ibrahim Joyo: A wonderful Human Being

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Born: August 12, 1915(1915-08-12)

Terath Laki, District Dadu now Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo (Sindhi: محمد ابراهيم جويو) son of Muhammad Khan was born on August 12, 1915, in village Abad near Laki, Kotri, Dadu, now in Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. He is a great scholar of the twenty first century.

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Pakistan – Debate on provincial autonomy

by:  ZULFIQAR HALEPOTO, Secretary, Sindh Democratic Forum, Hyderabad

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Thursday, 13 Aug, 2009

TWO months ago an advertisement appeared in leading national dailies in which the ministry of provincial coordination, government of Sindh, solicited civil society to submit proposals and recommendations to the government regarding provincial autonomy. The content of the advertisement gives an impression that provincial autonomy is an important issue and the centre is seriously seeking suggestions from provinces to resolve the autonomy issue. The formation of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) and the National Finance Commission to work out for fair distribution of resources are the arguments given by the government about the seriousness of the regime to decentralise powers of the centre. However, during its 15 months in power the government has only demonstrated overcentralisation of power in the presidency.

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Kashmir Peoples Right of Self-determination Celebrated

Washington, D.C. August 13, 2009. All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self–determination, comprising 16 main political parties of Azad Kashmir is observing August 13, 2009 as “Kashmir Peoples Right of Self-determination Day” on national as well as international level.

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Why are we in this state!?

Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean

August 12, 2009: The reason is simple! The natives of the provinces, where these resources are located, are denied their due share of benefits in Pakistan. Much of this wealth is enjoyed by people who either live in other provinces or people associated with powerful and high-maintenance organizations such as military. This leaves very little for common men and women, particularly those who live in rural areas.

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