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  1. Brife history of our mission. We are poor tenants from Okara Punjab Pakistan since 1913 when British government was ruled in Pakistan. Our Forefathers make this baren land for tilling. On That time foreigners Christian priest brought our Forefathers on this land.they said you work on this land and now you are owner of it. But on the same time they take some share from crops to run church. People agreed. After leaving British government from Pakistan on 1947. Pakistani government started this system. People were ignorant they gave crops till 1999. On 2000 government want to repeal tenants from their lands. Tenants were not ready to accept this deed. They started a compagn against this system. Now people do not giving share to government since 2000. because this land is belongs to tenant in document prof. Our leader are struggling for this cause for poor tenants and poor Christians minority in Pakistan. Many of our leader put behind bars. On this time our founder leader Younis Iqbal is disappeared. He was abducted on 12 April 2018 from the premises of Sahiwal Anti terrorist court. The authorities have registered fake cases against him. We are scaring that establishment could harm our leader. That’s why we are appealing to respected and honorable Prime Minister that he can ask to Pakistani government to release Younis Iqbal and give us ownership rights of our land. We will be very thankful for this kindness. And in this way they will develop their families.

  2. Salam. First of all I want to say that IAOJ is indeed a good and informative website. I was wondering that why no any post being uploaded lately as the last post I read is dated 30/09/2017.
    Looking forward for you response. Thanks

  3. Pak-China economic corridor is a disaster or blessing for

    Past history of Pakistani policy makers and her Rulers have always disappointed not only Pakistani nation, but also world community. It narrates us that Pakistan, the elite class and their civilian and Military rulers have been miserable failed to deliver Pakistani nation. They also failed to better represent image of nation to other nations, due to powerful politic and power hunger of army generals.

    The rulers of Pakistani nation never planned any achievable long-term policies. They have been ruling poor nation on day-to-day bases. That is why; Country was defeated in 1971 war and divided in two parts.

    In eyes of Pakistan policy makers and economists, the Pak-China Economic Corridor is blessing for Pakistan and also for regional countries, because it will increase economic activities, create jobs opportunity for unemployed youth and would bring positive effect on socio-economic wellbeing of population.

    On other side Pakistani policy Makers and Economists have been ignoring and over looking the dark side of coin, which I mean the after effects of changings in environment and eco-system of region.
    In future, it is going to bring and create manmade disaster in region and all achieved economic benefit would be vanished with passage of time.

    Geographically Pak-China Economic Corridor would be passed through Himalaya rang and unfortunately, all big glaciers are situated in this region. These glaciers are main source of water and lifeline of regional countries.

    I do understand the importance of Pak-China economic Corridor which is very much essential for regional countries economic and Scio-economic development, but do also understand the consequences of which would bring nature disaster in State of Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan and regional countries.

    As I mentioned above that the glaciers are main sources of water for regional countries, but also provide eco-system diversities and beauty on earth. These glaciers are like blood for Pakistan and especially for Kashmir. Regional countries are receiving blood through arties “Means Rivers” which are coming from these glaciers, without these arties Pakistan and Kashmir cannot survive few months.

    On one side Pakistani shortsighted political and Military leadership is very happy that it would bring timing needed invest for country, that is why general Raheel is driving a Nawaz Sharif car and showing the poor Pakistani that it would bring happiness and prosperity on your doorstep of people, but they do not understand and can not forecast the disaster which is waiting and coming for future Pakistani generation.

    I have not seen or read a single article in Pakistani electronic and print media on subject narrated above .I think Pakistani main problem is cricket and then weapon of mass destruction and security force strength which has been not achieved in 69 years by Military and political rulers of poor nation.

    Pakistani intellectuals, environmental Scientists and International and local NGOs have been ignoring dark sight of this project, that is, when heavy loaded trucks and heavy transportation of industrial goods would move in this economic corridor, it would produce and emit Carbon-Dioxide in huge quantity. it will increased emission of Carbon –Dioxide in air .

    In result, ultimately, it would increase temperature of atmosphere a few centigrade in region. In lieu of it, in glaciers melting process would start slowly. With passage of time melting process would be accelerated due more carbon –Dioxide that will bring climatic changes in region.

    It is estimated that within 50 years or may be in less period of time, whole glaciers of region would be vanished in Himalaya region. It would be bring unthinkable manmade disaster in Himalaya range.

    In first stage, glaciers melting process will increase the flow of water in rivers, which may positive effect on production of electricity and agriculture production, but it would be pseudo or temporary.
    In second stage, rivers would be bring terrible floods in Pakistan , with passage of time floods intensity would increase and country have to face more destruction instead of prosperity .

    In third stage, when whole glacier would be vanished and all arties I means “rivers” become dry, then whole country would be converted into desert.

    What State of Jammu & Kashmir will achieve from this Economic Corridor?

    State of Jammu & Kashmir would loose natural beauty and reciprocally would be gifted disaster in her eco-system and wildlife. Secondly, It will bring economic hardship and misery in the life of people of State.

    After melting of glaciers and dry up of rivers, State is going to loose importance in eyes of regional powers, because our neighbors are much interested in water sources then people of State.

    What alternative solution is, to avoid manmade disaster in region?

    Forceful Voice should and must be raised by people of State and Pakistan to change the mean of transportation of Industrial goods;

    1-Construct Railway track for electric trains first,
    2-Ban all types of trains using coal and diesel for transportation.
    3-Ban all types the loaders, which are using diesel for transportation.
    4-In order to improve environment and maintain eco-system of region, law should be formulated and strictly implemented to stop cutting of forests in region.
    5-To minimize to damage to environment, People of area should be provide the liquid gas on subside rate.
    6-Laws must be formulated to proper dispose of industrial and human wastage

    If Government of Pakistan and China would not change present policy of transportation of Industrial goods on Pak-China Economic Corridor then wait for manmade disaster for future generation .It will not only bring disaster for Pakistan, but also for whole region.

  4. I was listen song kithe chor Suniya kithe dhoor Suniya on tv so plz help me how i can get this song or give me maka’s production numbers I will contact

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