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Hospitality of Justice Rana Bhagwandas by Torontonian Sindhis

-Farooq Shaikh, Toronto

There has been lot of activity and atraction going on in Toronto since the arrival of our worthy guest Retired Justice Rana Bhagwandas. It is really hard for the Justice and his family to accommodate requests from our community friends to visit them and honor them by their presence for lunch and dinner. I have received so many requests from not only from our Sindhi fellow members but our Baluch, Pakhtoon, Seraiki and Punjabi brothers to seek time from the Justice.

I really feel pleasure that his arrival has virtually awakened everyone in the community. Let me brief you about his two days stay here in Toronto.

Arrival Saturday: They arrived late night on Saturday at around 10;30 pm and many community member were waiting for Justice and his family to greet them. He was warmly received by community members at his host Salam Shaikh’s house and after their arrival they had detailed katchery late night with their hosts.

Picnic : Sindhi community of on Sunday AfternoonToronto organized an outdoor event and approximately 25-30 families joined the picnic at Cornation Park in Oakville. Excellent arrangements were made and food was ordered from caterer and despite of food ordered through caterer lot of families brought home made food as an affection and respect for the Justice Rana Bhagwandas and his family. Honorable Retired Justice Amanullah Abbassi traveled all the way from Markham an approximate distance of 100 kms to personally greet Justice Rana Bhagwandas and his family despite of his ailing health.

After the food a traditional katcheri was held with Justice and it was really enlightening to listen to the experiences of the two top most judicial icons of Pakistan Judiciary. Justice Rana Bhagwandas, explained the whole scenario of the judicial crisis in Pakistan and question and answer session was followed with usual high spirit. The usual sports activity was followed after the katcheri and everyone participated in Cricket, Soccer, Volley Ball and other games ( Detail Report along with pictures and video coverage of the event will be provided subsequently)

Dinner with Community Members: Dinner was arranged for the Justice and his family members by his hosts Salam Shaikh and their family members Mr. Waheed Shaikh and Mr. Rafiq Shaikh after the hectic day of picinic at Cornation Park.

Visit to Central Isaland: A full day activity was planned for the Justice Rana Bhagwandas and his family members at Central Island where Justice Rana Bhagwandas was greeted by many Pakistani families and friends and he had brief chat and photography session with them.

Friends, during these events they have also visited some of their friends families and had quick chat with them over tea and snacks sessions. I am collecting the details about these events and will send detailed report later on as been busy in making arrangements for the lecture as well. I will update the members about the arrangements in separate mail. We will keep you posted about the hospitality of Toronto Sindhi community accordingly.

International Sindhi Conference in Singapore

An important effort to keep Sindhis Connected

By Dr. Satish Rohra

Courtesy: Sindhishaan Magazine

Under the auspices of Alliance of Sindhi Associations America and Singapore Sindhi Association, a memorable Sammelan/Conference held at Singapore from 27th to 29th July 2007.

This conference was International in real sense. In former Sindhi conferences most of the time only a few delegates from neighboring country attend. But this Sammelan was attended by delegates from 35 countries including USA, U.K, India and Singapore around the world. …

It is necessary to mention here that beginning of these Sammelans was made by Sindhis of America. In beginning for many years this Sammelan was held in USA or Canada. The very first Sammelan was held at New Jersey near New York. New one was in New York. Later they were held at Chicago, Toronto (Canada), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc. Three years ago it was held at London. Last year it was held at Mumbai.

… This was the first Sammelan, which was inaugurated by the head of the State. On the 27th July at 7pm, at Hotel Grand Copthorne, President of the Republic of Singapore, his Excellency Shri S. R. Nathan personally lit the lamp and declared the conference open. Mr. Presidnet Nathan had come together with Lady Nathan and some of his cabinet ministers and other officials. …

It was also the first time that India’s former deputy Prime Minister and Opposition leader in the present parliament of Indis, Shri Lal Krishin Advani graced the Sammelan with his presence…

President of Singapore, Mr. Nathan who inaugurated the Sammelan or conference praised Sindhi’s role in the development of Singapore. … The key note speaker, Professor Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at National University of Singapore and former ambassador of Singapore to the United Nations, said, so far Sindhis have been engrossed in “difficulties”, “achievements”, and “trade”; now they should pay attention to other three and they are “Globalization”, “Peace” and “Tolerance”.

High commissioner for India in Singapore, Dr. Jaishankar, welcomed all delegates and expressed his pleasure that this Sammelan was organized in Singapore.

Dr. Satish Rohra said that the Sammelans and conferences of this kind are very necessary in which we talk and strengthen ourselves as Sindhis. Dr. Rohra further said, “Sindhiat” is not a name of anything… Dr. Satish emphasized that there are many virtues in Sindhi Sanskriti which could bring about a “better world”. He further said, it is wrong to believe that Sindhis have no unity; in fact Sindhis are quite well united… Dr. Rohra also pointed out that for Sindhis “to stay connected to each other” is enough, and that itself is the unity.

Ram Jawhrani said that although majority of Sindhis are financially well off … Kimat Israni talked of ten points on nourishing Sindhi Bhasha…

… Swami Swaroopanatida’s discourse on one way praised Sindhis but at the same time he talked the lack of unity in Sindhis. Swamiji’s talk was very powerful.

Dr. Ram Buxani had plenty to say. His main topic was “Talk Sindhi”, Live Sindhi” and keep “Sindhyat” alive.

In the concluding speech, Kamlesh Moorjani told in his loud and effective voice the achievements of this Sammelan and congratulated the organizers. ….


Congressman Albert Wynn Visited to Sindhis for Katchehri

By: Ali Nawa Memon

Congressman Albert Wynn visited our residence yesterday for katchehri and tea. We presented him an Ajrak and made him a part of our Sindhi tribe. He really liked that. Several issues including human rights and restoration of democracy were discussed. Discussion focused on situation in USA, Sindh, Pakistan and the Middle East. Iqbal Tareen, Sarfraz Memon, Munawar Soomro were among the friends who attended the Katchehri.


G.M.Syed Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award for Comrade Sobho Gianchandani

LONDON, 24 SEPTEMBER 2005, Renowned Sindhi leader Sobho Gianchandani (86) of Larkano was conferred with the prestigious ‘G. M. Syed Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award 2005’ in recognition of his struggle for emancipation of Sindhis and other oppressed peoples of South Asia. Another writer and political leader, Abdul Ahad (Azad) Qazi, was awarded the ‘G. M. Syed Memorial Advocacy Award 2005’ for his literary and advocacy work promoting the teachings and life’s work of G. M.Syed. These awards were announced during the 17th International Conference on Sindh, held on 24 September 2005 in London. The World Sindhi Congress (WSC), a UK- and USA-based human rights advocacy group organized this conference. These awards are jointly sponsored by WSC and the G. M. Syed Memorial Committee, a Houston, TX-based educational group.


Indian Sindhi Writers Invited to Attend/Speak at SANA Toronto Convention

This is to update you on 22nd Annual SANA Convention to be held at Marriott Airport Hotel in Toronto, ON Canada June 30-July 3 this year. As per our traditions, we have invited writers, columnists and politicians from Sindh that include Shoukat Shoro, Director Institute of Sindhology, Sassui Palijo, MPA and political activist for Sindhi rights, Zulfiqar Halepoto, columnist and activist for Sindhi rights and others.

We have also invited Barrister Abid Hasan Minto, Chief of Awami Jamhoori Tahreek. He has been president of Pakistans Supreme Court Bar Association, president of International Association of Democratic Lawyers, president of Lahore High Court Bar Association, chairman of National Committee of Lawyers against Martial Law (1981-1985), president of National Workers Party, member of Progressive Writers Association and author of “Nuqta-e-Nazar” – a collection of articles on literature and literacy criticism. Recently he along with some other parties (including RB Palijos Sindhi Awami Tahreek) formed Awami Jamhoori Tahreek and was elected its head.

We have also invited Mr. Imran Khan, Chief of Tahreek-e-Insaf. He is active in the struggle against military rule in Pakistan.

(We had also invited Mian Nawaz Sharif and were in the process of inviting Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto but since ARD has called a meeting in London, UK on 2nd July, their participation would not be possible).

This year we have also invited some writers, intellectuals and Sindhi leaders from India. They include:

1. Mr. Suresh Keswani, former member of Indian Parliament and an executive of Sindhi Academy in Delhi, India. He has played a very important role in exchange of the delegations of Sindhi writers, poets and intellectuals of Sindh and India. He has arranged a number of seminars and conferences in India participated by delegations from Sindh and has participated in similar conferences in Sindh along with large delegations from Sindh.

2. Mr. Laxman Bhatia Komal. He is a foremost author, writer, poet and journalist.

3. Mr. Hiro Thakur. A broadcaster, researcher, writer and author.

4. Dr Professor Baldev Matlani. He is head of the department of Sindhi at University of Mumbai,Vidyanagari Campus, Santacruz (East), Mumbai.

They have been asked to present papers on “Preservation and Promotion of Sindhi Language in India”. I think it would be a worthwhile experience to meet Sindhi writers and intellectuals from India, listen to them and discuss with them issues concerning Sindhi Diaspora.


The New Ray of Light

Young Sindhi Leadership is rising

By Sohail Kalhoro, London

Transactions Support Executive, Reuters Equity Transactions

Educate Sindh forum organized a get together dinner at my residence in London on the evening of 15th Sept 07 which presented an opportunity for many SINDHI PROFESSIONALS to personally come together and participate in a vibrant evening which saw friends with diverse backgrounds ranging from: Information Technology, Law, Medicine, Chartered Accounting, Satellite Communication, Business Administration, Environmental studies, Civil, Electrical, and Telecoms Engineering.

Sincere thanks to all friends who took time out of their busy weekends and joined us from London, Slough, Bristol, Birmingham,Surrey as well as Pakistan.

Group members started arriving 17:00 onwards on a warm London evening. The event started with an informal introduction of the participants and their respective professional fields. Dinner was served following which an interactive suggestions/recommendations session was initiated focusing on;


Responding to a query by a member it was informed that the objective of EducateSindh is to channel the resources and capacity of the SINDHI PROFESSIONALS in the field of education, employment opportunities, and career counselling.


Again, in response to another question put up by a friend regarding who the target audience is which would be benefited from the services provided by this group.

It was elaborated that the group’s expertise and resources is not confined to a single segment and in order to maximize the benefits of the participation of SINDHI PROFESSIONALS as many audience should be catered to.


It was informed that the credibility and success of EducateSindh is due to the fact that it is an open forum, having no hierarchical boundaries which makes it an inclusive and participative platform for all.


It was unanimously agreed that the benefits of this group should be extended to wider community audience and thus the participants agreed to share their contacts by providing a minimum of 5 to 10 new members and thus helping this forum to grow organically. In this regard it is down to the responsibility to each individual of this group to similarly help add new members.


It was emphasized that exchanging emails should be made a habit as it provides the most efficient and productive means of communicating as well as encouraging friends and social contacts to stay in touch over this medium. QUICK, EASY & EFFECTIVE.


The essence of this group is the participation of highly motivated,qualified & enthusiastic Sindhis and this should be made the unique selling point (USP) of our endeavours hence the association with the brand “SINDHI PROFESSIONALS”. Furthermore, it is a step forward in helping relate the common link between sindhis world over.


EducateSindh provides a flexible & friendly platform to SINDHI PROFESSIONALS where they could share their practical experiences not just limited to the exchange of emails but also by actually personally talking to the local community including schools, colleges, universities which would benefit the most from the sharing of these experiences.

Each one of us can contribute by sharing whatever little experience we have gained whether it is just by visiting Sindh, Khairpur, Nawabshah & other Universities and talking to a handful of students and guiding them on the spot about their path to being qualified & successful in their respective fields or even just visiting our own primary/secondary schools in villages and talking to the teachers and headmasters. This trend should be encouraged as it will maximize each of our individual capacity to help.

The idea here is to not limit ourselves to large gatherings or wait for such opportunities but to utilize whatever little time we have at our hands to broaden the horizon of many.

The get together which went on until around 22:30 was concluded with an aim to further continue holding these interactive get togethers extending to different geographical and wider audience which began with the successful meeting of SINDHI PROFESSIONALS in Karachi on the 12th Sept 07 following onto 15th Sept London dinner with a view to organize a seminar in sindh after Eid.

Special thanks to our friends who attended last night’s dinner.

Abdullah Abbasi, Ahmed Kamran, Amar Jalil Metlo, Asad Palijo, Ashraf Lakho, Dr Ali Gul Metlo, Dr Shoaib Qazi, Gul Laghari, Haleem Junejo, Hassan Junaid, Imran Mahar, Imran Soomro, Junaid Ahmed Narejo, Khalid Jamali, Manzoor Unar, Mohammad Ali Shaikh, Mujeeb Metlo, Razzak Solangi, Roop Panjwani, Saboor Mahar, Saeed Soomro, Shabbir Mallah


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  1. I appeal to all journalists, Social workers and human rights activists, please pressurize pak army to stop the killing of arrested innocent people in swat area pakistan.We are hearing everyday in local news(swat) that arrested person/persons has/have died due to heart attack or any other fake reason. If they are really guilty then they should be treated via judiciary and the pak army has no right to give punishment to them. It shows these arrested people know pak army’s secrets and that’s why they want to finish all those arrested people to keep secrect their dirty game. Please investigate this issue. For more information about this issue you can contact the local news papers

  2. As being sindhi, I’m dictating to all sindhi young generation which have passion for take admission in university levels these sindhi students don’t go anywhere in other universities like sindh university jamshoro,shah abdul latif university khair pur meris,quaid awan university nawab shsh an so on….As u all sindhi know that karachi is the heart of sindh and also the capital city of sindh so i think the amount of sindhi students should be larger then others here but I’m not seeing such conditions together with this I’m also feeling that our sindhi nation is widely far from the light of education infront of others like punjibi,mohajir so on….as all u know that in order to finish any nation merely keep away them from educatiom they will ownself breakdown.As also u all know
    about recent un-sacred intentions and arrogate recomendations of refugees for seperate province.So in order to over come above all vaccums at first u (all sindhis) must have well education and well knowledge about history and also must have awareness about how previous nations defeat other nations and so on….So on keeping in mind such upper circumstances I’m inviting all sindhis to come here karachi and take admissinos in schools,colleges,universities and so on…those sindhis which are facing troubbles on comming to karachi I can help such peoples particularly those which wanna take admission in karachi university because I’m studying in this university for contact my cell number is here

  3. sindh pakistan hay or ye jo toranto may comfrance karnay say sindhi nahe ho gay pakistyan ke bat karo.sab say phalay pakistan pakistan zindabad.

  4. Sindhi language must stay vibrant through arabic in Sindh,devnagiri in India and roman script for 4,OOO,OOO sindhis outside Sind and India and also who prefer it or have no arrangement for learning arabic ro devnagiri script
    In India Konkani coexists in 4 scripts and they all support each other.Countless Muslim countries like Turkey and Indonesian have adopted roman script and today roman scripts unites 7OOO islands in Indonesia.Can you imagine.So roman script can also play its role for the propagation of the 2OOO year old Read history of scripts of sindhi section 18b :Choice of script.
    It would very interesting to read Halim brohi’s remarks on arabic script.

  5. yesterday was great day for all sindhi people while celebrating unity of sindhi culture day ( Ekta Dehen). I was in shikarpur and visiting many villages. Always i found people wearing cultural dresses. Walking on roads and streets. I think this is wonderful opportunity to moblize people for solution of many issues

    1. SINDH and other provences has made Pakistan, There Fore first SINDH and other provinces than Pakistan!


    1. abay o talha jamro ajeeb sa nam rakkar to kia filasfer ho gia.
      kia mission may ho tum log.sindh pakistan hay.

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