Three women forced to parade naked in Punjab

PAKISTAN: The ritual abuse and naked humiliation of three women casts

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The violent humiliation of three women reported from Punjab this week has thrown stark light on the complicity of the police and the courts in gender-based crimes — and on the continued degeneration of law enforcement in the region. This week three woman accused of prostitution were forced to parade naked through their neighborhood and onto a local highway; they were stripped and physically tormented under the direction of a man who leads a banned militant organisation.

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Tax troubles


by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy:, September 29th, 2009

With taxable classes not paying, indirect taxes have been used to skim people who are least capable of paying anything to the government. Even then, the gap remains wide and ruling elites travel the world to beg, borrow, steal or blackmail.

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There is no Islam in Swat. The Taliban have finished it.

The Women of Swat and ‘Mullah Radio’

By a group of NWFP women

Courtesy: AIRRA.ORG

Islam started as soon as we fled from Malakand. People outside Swat think we had Islam and Shariat. There is no Islam in Swat. The Taliban have finished it.

woman from Mingawera, Swat, in a Sawabai camp

Where does one begin to tell you what they have been saying? It is difficult to explain because it is difficult for some of us to believe, to understand, and at times, even to empathise with. Between their rage and their tears, between giving each other solace and laughing at lighter moments, they opened up to talk to us. They shall not be named but they shall be heard by all of us today.

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Sugar Associated With Mental Illness

In a study of the effects of sugar on the development of mental and psychological disorders it is noted that, it weakens the mind, causing : loss of memory and concentration, nervousness, shyness, violence, excessive or no talking , negative thought, paranoia, and emotional upsets such as self-pity, arguments, irritability, and the desire for only sweet things in life.” People who reduce consuming sugar “nearly experience higher spirits, emotional stability, improved memory and speech, restful sleep and dreams, fewer colds and dental problems and better health in general.

MRD – notes from the History

Movement for the Restoration of Democracy, MRD


From the August 23, 1983 edition

Troops, rioters battle in Sindh, Pakistan

Compiled From Wire Service Dispatches With Analysis From Monitor Correspondents Around The World, Edited by Linda Feldmann
Karachi, Pakistan—

Thousands of people led by a local religious leader rampaged through a big town in Pakistan’s troubled Sind Province, official sources said. It was one of the largest antigovernment displays since protests had begun here eight days earlier.

The crowd, which the local press put at more than 20,000, streamed into the town of Khairpur and set fire to city courts, a municipal office, two banks, government shops, and the local tax office, the sources said.

There were reports of running battles throughout the town, 275 miles north of the port city of Karachi. The reports said security forces used truncheons and tear gas on the mob,

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Obama hit by ‘right-wing conspiracy’,Clinton says

senatorobamaBy Daniel Nasaw, Washington

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton says that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that hounded him and nearly drove him from office has set its sights on Barack Obama. The former president was referring to the web of politicians, media personalities,  various internet groups and grassroots conservative activists who have opposed the new president at every turn. Mr. Clinton, the last Democrat to hold the White House before Mr. Obama, reffered to the term first used by by Hillary Clinton in 1998, when she defended him during the Monica Lewinsky scandal that threatened to topple his presidency. She described as a “vast right-wing conspiracy” the forces led by special prosecutor Ken Starr, who spent millions of dollars and several years building a case against Mr. Clinton in connection with a failed land deal in Arkansas. The investigation ultimately led to Mr. Clinton’s impeachment and trial in the Senate over the Lewinsky affair. He was acquitted. Asked on NBC’s Meet the Press whetther there was still a right-wing conspiracy, Mr. Clinton replied: “You bet. Sure it is. It’s notas strong as it was because America has changed demographically. But it’s as virulent as it was.” He said that the conspiracy has focused on Mr. Obama and, “there agenda seems to be wanting him to fall.” His remarks came after Jimmy Carter, another Democratic former president, said that racism motivates much of the animosity against Mr. Obama.

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Pakistan : Naked parade in Lahore

Zia’s Investment in religion

During late 70 and almost all 1980s (till 88) Zia and his companions earned dollars through two main sources: drug trade and selling Pakistani youth to America’s Afghan war. People would be interested to know what the society got in return? To know please read the following BBC news:

This is really a terrible face of religious hatred by socalled educated ones against the society.

Courtesy –  Naveed Shaikh and Sindhi e-list MeharanValley

Pakistan, India & Bangladesh : South Asian train service proposal

Pakistan’s nod for South Asian train service proposal

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Railways Ministry has “technically approved” an Indian proposal to launch a South Asian train service linking Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan and forwarded it to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce for further evaluation. The proposal was floated by the Indian Railways two weeks ago, the Dawn quoted officials as saying. Experts had acknowledged the potential of the South Asian route and they see it as “more easy to operate,” the officials said. The three countries have broad gauge tracks and their operating systems are similar. Officials of the Railways Ministry said experts had suggested that the Dhaka-Delhi-Lahore train service was “viable in all respects.” The service could be extended to Karachi or Islamabad if the need arose, they said. “The initial trials would be container operations followed by passenger services,” said a report prepared by experts. The Indian proposal came in the backdrop of reports that the Economic Cooperation Organization planned to launch an Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul train service.

Source – The weekly Contact, Sept 16-22, 2009, issue- 318

PPP on positive track but the message is not getting to constituents

Reported By: Khalid Hashmani, USA

Washington DC, September 24, 2009 – A few members of Washington’s Sindhi community met the Minister of Sindh fo Education last week at an informal gathering. There was a candid exchange of views between the participants and the Minister about the plight of Sindhis and performance of PPP government in Sindh so far . The minister said that the government of Sindh is on the positive track but the story of their achievements is not getting reaching to their Sindhi constituents as Sindhi media is mostly focused on criticizing the government.

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Ayaz Latif Palijo elected as central President of Awami Tahreek

Ayaz Latif Palijo

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Hyderabad Pakistan: Ayaz Latif Palijo elected as new Central President of Awami Tahreek in annual elections held here in Hyderabad today. Newly elected 51 members Central Executive Committee includes Muhammad Khan Bhurgri elected as Central General Secretary, Sayed Alam Shah as Senior Vice President and Abdul Qadir Ranto as Media Secretary and 14 other office bearers.

The Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement of the masses of Sindh) formally announced 46 days historical Long March of 760 kilometers (8th Oct to 22 Nov 2009 from Kandhkot to Karachi) in its first phase of PEACEFUL RESISTANCE against tyranny, corruption, autocracy, lawlessness, unemployment and terrorism. The March shall be led by Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo and new president Ayaz Latif.

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Download free Sindhi mp3 songs

Website of Kishin and Raj Juriani – Download free sindhi mp3 songs.

Report by Deepak Keswani, Ulhasnagar, India

Kishin Juriani and Raj Juriani has been singing for Sindhi community for years now. They have National and International fan following because of their mesmerizing voice and great song collections.

Do visit and also refer to your Sindhi friends and relatives about this site. There are hundreds of songs and videos being distributed free on site. If you like the collection you can download or order for CDs and DVDs. You can also register your mobile number to get the SMS update for the shows and new music releases from Just send message “ON RajMusicParty” to 9870807070.

Deepak Keswani

Ulhasnagar City Portal

People’s Republic of China at 60: socialist revolution, capitalist restoration

By Chris Slee

Courtesy: Links International

September 23, 2009 — October 1 will mark 60 years since Mao Zedong proclaimed the creation of the People’s Republic of China. This followed the victory of the People’s Liberation Army, led by the Communist Party of China (CCP), over the US-backed Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party, KMT).

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Your heart takes care of you, but are you taking care of your heart? Some things about your heart can’t change- like your family history- but there’s still a lot you can do to keep your heart healthy.  Getting active, losing weight, eating green and colorful vegetables and fruits, quitting smoking and reducing stress are all ways of being good to your heart. Add garlic, ginger, and fiber to your diet by eating legumes (kidney beans, black beans,  lentils may help lowering cholesterol, fight the buildup of cardiovascular plaque and lower the blood pressure.

Musharraf rewarded militant who slit throat of Indian officer

Illyeas Kashmiri, a militant commander who fought in Jammu and Kashmir in the 1990s and is believed to have been killed in a recent US drone attack, was once rewarded by Pervez Musharraf for “slitting the throat” of an Indian Army officer in 2000, a media report said. Kashmiri, a commander of the Harkat-ul-Jehad al-Islami, was reportedly killed in a drone attack in North Waziristan last week.

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Pakistani Hindu Migrants Prefer To Stay Back India

Jodhpur: “We Hindus in Pakistan are being discriminated against, tortured and harassed,” complains Ram Lal, a 45-year-old migrant from Pakistan, one of the estimated 10,000 migrants from that country settled in and around here in the desert state of Rajisthan. He come to Jodhpur with his family of five over six months ago when, he says, things started to worsen.” I do not want to go back… being a Hindu, there are so many problems for you in Pakistan,” Ram Lal told IANS, adding that only one member of his family, his brother, now lives in Pakistan

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Rashid Gill, voicing his concern against the Blasphamy Laws in Pakistan

[Dear editor Indus Asia Online Journal, as you know that I am a Former President of National Students Federation Pakistan and a contributary Columnist in daily “Jang”. I have received a following letter from Mr. Rashid Gill and I am forwarding it as it is for people’s review. – Faheem Aamer]

August 21, 2009

Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, The Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan , Prime Minister House, Islamabad, Pakistan

Subject: Heinous Massacre of Christians in Gojra

On behalf of the church leadership and congregation, I would like to draw your kind attention to the heinous act of terror carried out by Muslim mobs against Christians living in the village of Korian and later in Gojra in district of Toba Tek Singh. According to the information received from independent sources like “The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan”, 7 Christians were burnt alive and more than 50 houses were ransacked, looted and torched by the Muslim mobs. According to the same details, the mobs were protesting against the desecration of “Holy Quran” at Chak No. 496 JB Korian near Gojra.

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Appeal to UK High Commissioner/Foreign office

by Imtiaz Ahmed Barkazai, Karachi, Sindh

Courtesy: Statesman on 26/9/2009

I am a senior government official with blue passport, besides I am an agriculturist possessing ancestral agricultural property and such income is being regularly declared by me. I have been visiting United Kingdom since 1983 and have visited this great country various occasions as I like its historical sites and its hospitable people.

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A second Sindhi exodus?!


Mr Nizamani, in his unique subtle way, has posted a piece which should wake us up to the reality: Has a second Sindhi Hindus exodus already begun?

When MLK delivered his historic speech in the famous Riverside Church in NY, Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence, he opened by voicing his agreement with the Clergy and Layman Association’s Executive Council Resolution, which started with “A time comes when silence is betrayal”.

I believe for us Sindhis’ our time has come when silence is betrayal. Please speak up, write, plead, cajole, demand, do whatever you can; to try and stem this exodus. We lost our limbs in 1947; let’s not loose our torso and soul now!

Ginger (adraq) good for health

Ginger can have many health benefits, It help relief muscle and join pain and it works like aspirin it have inhibitors to relieve muscle and join pain. Ginger is known from centuries as pain mediator. It helps decrease the feelings of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Ginger is also helps to give relief in headaches and control high blood pressure.


PRESS RELEASE: 25 September 2009


World Sindhi Congress, a leading Sindhi organisation working for the cause of human rights Of Sindh and Sindhis, organised a briefing during the 12th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 18th September 2009. The title of the briefing was “Self Determination of Sindh and Balochistan – A Strategy for Regional Peace”.

The briefing was facilitated by Interfaith International, which has a special consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council). The briefing was very successful in attracting wider audience representing nations from Europe, Asia, Africa and America . The representatives of many renowned NGOs, European Union and UN Human Rights Council were also present.

The panel who dealt with various aspects of the issue included Charles Graves, Haleem Bhatti, Ghansham Das, Hidayat Bhutto, Noordin Mengal, Suraiya Makhdoom, Abdul Hamid Khan and Lakhu Luhana.

Dr Charles Graves, Secretary General Interfaith International, presided over the briefing and introduced the context of the briefing. He said that Sindhis are an ancient nation who has been subjected to enormous suffering under various regimes in Pakistan and face many problems. He said in Balochistan gross violations of human rights have continued to occur particularly due to ongoing military operation.


Book review – DIL JE DAFTAR MAAN [Saroonyoon]

The memoirs of Dr Kazi Khadim Hussain

Reviewed by Altamash M. Kureshi

Courtesy: daily dawn, 20.9.2009

The autobiography is an account of oneself, narrated by oneself and the biography is an account narrated by some one else; whereas the memoir is author’s personal experiences about series of events. The book under review falls within the category of a ‘memoir’.

There is a strong tradition of writing memoirs by the prominent writers, scholars, politicians, artists and important persons belonging to various fields of life. In Sindhi Language most significant memoirs are, ‘Yadgeereon’, by Seth Naomal (1804-1880), ‘Uhe deenhan uhe sheenh’ by Pir Ali Mohammad Rashdi, ‘Kaee kitab’ by Rais Karim Bux Nizamani, ‘Yadgireon’ by, Gurdas Wadhwani, ‘Janam Guzrium Jineen Saan’ by G.M Syed and Uhe Dothee Uhe Deenhan’ by Pir Hisamuddin Rashidi et al.

The memoirs of Rashidi brothers and GM Shed are in form of life sketches of prominent persons writers have come across. The only However, memoir which commensurate with the present one is ‘Yadgireon’ written by, Gurdas Wadhwani. However peculiarity of the present memoir is that events are not narrated in a time sequential method but as the title of book goes, events are narrated as and when recalled. This typical style of reminiscences has made the book more enchanting as it does not develop monotony or boredom at any stage of reading.

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Sex video shows changing face of Nepal society

KATHMANDU – From being a much-sought-after model and the highest paid music video star, 22-year-old Napali beauty Namrata Shrestha efforlessly sashayed into Nepal’s film industry last year with the hit husical of the year Sano Sansar (Small world). With her fan clubs growing and mounting tributes to both her ethereal beauty and talent, she was poised to become a newsmaker this month with her view release Mero euta sathi choo (I have a friend). Instead, she has hit the headlines for a steamy sex video that is being widely circulated by web sites and mobile phone users showing her in unabashed poses with a Nepali DJ, Tantric, whose real name is Kicha Man Chitrakar.

Last weekend a Nepali tabloid made the sex video, shot with a mobile phone camera, on its cover story. It has complete graphic description as well as photos of the pair. Namrata reportedly says it’ her personal matter. The report carried nearly 11-minute long sex video. Shrestha said: “Yeas, I recorded it for my personal viewing. If you have a copy, I’d suggest you enjoy it without bothering me.” The sex video and Nepali society’s reaction to it shows the changing face of the new republic that has witnessed amazing socio-political transformations in the last four years…

Courtesy: – South Asian Focus, Entertainment section, page 17, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009

Let there be no confusion regarding Eid moon

gulaghaCalculations, or Follow Saudi, or Moon sighting

by Prof. Gul Agha, USA

..Since the cycles of the moon are easy to compute, it seems silly to rely on sightings. However, even with the use of astronomical calculations, it is not the case that the celebration would fall on the same day in every country, as I recall the rule used is that the sighting should be within some small interval after sundown (someone may have more precise knowledge about this), and this will vary over time zones which are spread over a 24 hour cycle that the earth takes for its rotation. Someone would have to change that rule (and many Islamic theological interpretations would not allow anyone to do that)…