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Pakistani scientists find 30 new genes that may cause intellectual disabilities

Study finds 30 new genes that may cause intellectual disabilities


ISLAMABAD: The number of children suffering from intellectual disabilities in Pakistan is increasing due to cousin marriages.

A study conducted by the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the United States and Radbound University in the Netherlands has found that 30 new genes have developed which are causing these disabilities.

In light of the study, recommendations will be sent to the government within a week for legislation that requires cousins to be screened before marriage.

The recommendations also include a proposal to ensure neonatal screening, which is already practiced in Europe and the US.

Neonatal screenings can identify conditions that could affect a foetus’ long term health or survival.

Early detection, diagnosis and intervention can prevent death or disability, and allow children to reach their full potential.

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The fall of Roman Empire

Some historians point out that the fall of the Roman Empire is to the metal “lead”. Romans had used lead materials in their food storage vessels and to line the channel used for transporting water. Since lead is a known neurotoxic that is proven to affect mental performance, researchers think that ancient Romans lost some of their mental capacities & abilities to make intelligent choices, thus causing their empire demise. Lead crosses the blood- brain barrier and can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s, and learning disabilities.