A new era of Indo-Pak dialogue

Both countries ready to take bold decisions

WASHINGTON –  The Indo-Pakistan peace process has stood the test of the time. Now it’s unlikely to be sabotaged, according to political analysts. They said both countries are set for what they called the meaningful dialogue to resolve their disputes through peaceful method. Both India and Pakistan are now willing to take bold decisions to ease tension in the region, analysts said. In this connection they referred to Manmohan Singh’s recent statement and said the Indian Prime Minister strongly defended his joint statement with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani.

China’s India policy

The article, written by Zhan Lue and titled “If China takes a little action, the so-called Great Indian Federation can be broken up,” has aroused strong sentiments in India where many see this as a reflection of the hard line thinking in Beijing.

New Delhi – Fears that China could employ a strategy of “murdering with borrowed knives” against India does not seem totally unfounded. A leading Chinese think-tank whose views count with the Beijing’s administration, has put forward an outrageous suggestion that China should break India inot 20-30 independent states with the help of “friendly countries” like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Zhan Lue’s that published on the website of a think tank that advises Beijing on global and strategic issues, the article makes a series of preposterous suggestions saying that a fragmented India would be in China’s interests and also lead to prosperity in the region.

IPs of river Indus demonstrate against ‘contract system on fishing’

Report by: Wasim Wagha, Centre for Indigenous Peoples of Indus (CIPI)

Kihals and Mors, referred as indigenous peoples of Indus valley, stretched within 350 kilometer from Chashma Barrage district Dera Ismail Khan to Ghazi Ghat district Dera Ghazi Khan, on banks of river Indus. The only historical references available on the community are the colonial ones. Almost all Gazetteers of that time speak aboutthis riverine community but only to count. Curiously this group has totally disappeared in all Pakistan ’s census reports. Almost 90%of these people do not even own national identity cards. They experienced both joys and pains of life with river Indus. They are noninterventionists.

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Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal (August 19th 1973)

Few man stand the test of time & live in the memory of an entire nation. Time tested again and again, Ali Mohd Mengal stood firm & brave in his fight against the oppressors.  Under the leadership of Shaheed Nouroze Khan he gought against Ayuob Khan regime and rose his voice for Balouch cause. However, on August 19th, 1973 in the area of Jhalawan, like a true Sarmachar, he fought to last breath till his blood washed th soil of his beloved land. Shaheed Ali Mohd Mengal and other martyrs do not die. They live on in the hearts and souls of today’s Sarmachars,  motivating them energizing them, and reminding them the cause of Baloch people.

Kidney Problems

Symptoms: Snoring, Bed-wetting, Urinary problems, Lower back pain, Swelling of legs, Getting up too early or too late, Getting up to urinate in the night, Sleeping problems such as turning again and again in sleep, Insomnia, Nightmares, Nausea, Vomiting, Drowsiness, Mental & psychological symptoms and disorders, for example: fear, timidity, shyness, hesitation, indecision, lack of clarity, etc, Decline of mental & physical vitality.

Signs: Darkness or blackness on the skin under the eyes shows kidney stagnation and toxic blood as a result of tight kidneys. Bags under the eyes show kidney problems. The ears are kidney-shaped and also correspond with these organs. Pimples on ear may the sign of kidney problem. A red coloration around the outer edge of the ear shows the kidneys are swollen from too much sugar, dairy, fruit and juices. Too much animal protein can lead to moles or warts on the ear. Wet or dump hands show over burdened kidneys and bladder.

Solution: (These suggestions may help you) Eat whole grain, no refined carbohydrates (NO » Sugar, honey, chocolate, rice, White flour products). Eat fish and raw fresh washed vegetables and fruits. Control High blood pressure and cholesterol. Take vitamin B-comples 25 mg, vitamin C 250 mg everyday, vitamin E 200 IU, or multi-minerals and multi-vitamins every day. Add garlic, ginger, onion, turmeric and yogurt in your food. Drink black or green tea without milk and sugar. Drink clean crystal clear fresh water in moderate amount.