Mr. Drone you are the real triumphant

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai

Oh, Mr. Drone you are helpful to Pashtun/Afghan and you are the only one to having capability to hit the real and actual target. Pashtun are your friends and do not feel that they will forget you. They will remember you as long as the world is there. You proved your efficiency at last and killed the one which was the blue eyed boy of the intelligence Agencies. You proved that you have the capability to strike those terrorists who make terrorism in Pashtun region.

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Merit Prizes to Sindhi Writers for literary books

Forwarded by: Dilip Tekchandani, India

The NCPSL, established by Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development for propagation, promotion and development of Sindhi language, invites applications for the following schemes for the year 2009 – 10.

1. Special Awards, 2. Merit Prizes to Sindhi Writers for literary books, 3. Bulk purchase of Sindhi Books / Magazines / Audio-Video Cassettes / CDs / VCDs / DVDs for free distribution to educational institutions / schools / colleges / public libraries, 4. Purchase of Copies of Sindhi Reference Books, 5. Financial Assistance for publication of books to promote Sindhi language, litrature & Culture, 6. Financial Assistance to Voluntary Organization for selected Promotional Activities related to Sindhi Language.

The entries should be sent on prescribed performas to be obtained from NCPSL, up to 1st September, 2009 for details log on to World’s 1st Sindhi Internet magazine Since 2001 in the service to SINDHYAT.