Indus Asia Online Journal (iaoj) is a progressive and liberal blog and it is serving the community since July 2005 with out any motives. I had started Indus Asia Online at “blogspot” but the Govt. imposed the whole sale blockade on “blogspot” during Musharraf regime without telling any reasons. The visitors have lost access to all the pages which were on it.
Most of IAOJ friends are in Pakistan and especially in Sindh, therefore, IAOJ was affected by the whole sale ban by the Gen. Musharraf government. I took efforts and started new blog at “freewebs” but there was not enough flexibility available to run Indus Asia Online Journal. Therefore, I have decided to move/ switch IAOJ to “wordpress”. From September 15, 2007, Indus Asia Online Journal is appearing at “wordpress”.
Indus Asia Online Journal focuses on the thoughts and to discuss on Socio economic political and geo-political conditions of the world. However, “IAOJ” encourages publishing about current affairs, human rights, analysis on issues, multicultural and community activities, history, the material which create awareness about economic inequalities, gender basis inequalities, life experiences, sharing photos, famous personalities, jokes, interesting topics and etc. I have created Indus Asia Online Journal, iaoj, because the dominant media was ignoring the voices of common people. IAOJ is a personal blog and I run it from my personal resources and and my own time and I don’t have any profit motives from this or any other blog.  I have only motivation to put my little and tiny share to change the world towards a better place where all the nations, all the races, all the creeds and all the people live with tolerance and peace.

I ask to all who lives in Canada to develop love with this our new adopted homeland. After all, this country opened its arms for us, then it provided us opportunities to have better lives. I love Canada. To me it is not possible to not love (or some one) that (who) treats well. Canadian people are very generous and loving human beings and Canada treats every one very well. May Lord bless Canada along with whole world.

The slogan of this blog  is; all nations, all races, all creeds have same dreams and same needs. Courteous arguments are welcome.
IAOJ blog address is as under;

Thank you
Bye for now

Fayyaz, Moderator & editor, IAOJ

Indus Asia Online Journal, IAOJ

66 thoughts on “About”

  1. My family background is from Nawabshah. It is too much shocking for every sindhi that the huge number of immigrants are coming here. I believe that if we do not stop it we will become minority.
    I request you to see this matter carefully.
    Yours Sincerely
    Zameer Ali

  2. fayaz ali sahib , awahaan khe ain awahan je team khe moon paraan ain munje idare paraan lakh lakh wadhayoon hujan. brahui zubaan saan pin waddaa waddaa siyasee fropd ain dushmaniyoon kayoon wanjan thiyoon. maan ain munhjo idaro, brahui academy , brahui adabi board in na insaafee khilaaf tahreeree mazahimat kayoon piya. awahaan jo blog dissee asaan jihran khe waddee diljoey milee ahe. umeed ta brahui zubaan saan hik lissaanee piyar waro jazbo rakhee madad karan jee mihrbaani kanda, ain assaan khe baloch na likhanda ain assaan je nzriyee mutabik , likhan jee takleef kanda,

By using this service you agree not to post material that is obscene, harassing, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable. Although IAOJ does not monitor comments posted to this site (and has no obligation to), it reserves the right to delete, edit, or move any material that it deems to be in violation of this rule.

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