Some bitter facts about late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

by: Mohammad Khan Sial

Our some friends are paying rich tributes to late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, His life can be divided into two parts. As well as first part is concerned, their tribute to late G M Jatoi is generally correct but there were some bitter facts about 2nd part of his life.

01. When army dictator Ziaul Haq removed elected Govt of Z. A. Bhutto, there were the persons who immediately met Gen Zia in the darkness of night. They were Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Maulana Kausar Niazi..

02.Unfortunately Rais Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Abdul Hafiz Pirzada both did nothing to save the life of Shaheed Z. A. Bhutto. When Bhutto Saheb was in Jail and waiting for death, he asked Abdul Hafiz Lakho, advocate of Shaheed Bhutto, if both are unwilling to come forward, please ask them to come in public at least for face saving”. (Reference BBC Urdu interview broadcasted on April 04, 2009. In search you can find the video.

03. In MRD many innocent Sindhi people were brutally killed. Saein G. M. Syed also pointed out this. In those days, Jatoi Saheb and his younger brother Mujtaba Jatoi were leading the movement. They led the movement in a way that many people were killed so that they should be in better position of bargain with Ziaul Haq to become Prime Minister (Jatoi Sc) but Pir Pagaro did not agree and he gave name of Mohammad Khan Junejo.

04. Jang dated 21st Nov 09 , has printed a statement of Zia Abbas – a close associate to G M Jatoi who disclosed that Jatoi was to be appointed as Prime minister and General Ziaul Haq agreed to this. Had Ziaul Haq not killed in air crash, Jatoi Saheb would have become Prime Minister of Pakistan within a few days.

05. After the execution of Shaheed Bhutto, Gen Zia also decided to appoint him as Prime Minister and this was accepted by Mr Jatoi in an interview. But Begum Bhutto issued statement that if any one is appointed as Prime Minister on our strength (PPP), he would be ousted immediately. This statement stopped him to become Prime Minister but now Zia Abbas has disclosed that a few days of his death, Gen Zia again agreed to appoint him as new Prime Minister.

The memory of human beings is very short. I have no personal ill-will with Mr. Jatoi. in personal capacity he was good man but I am writing above lines to keep the record straight.

12 thoughts on “Some bitter facts about late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi”

  1. I agree u but nowadays his son Ghulam Murtaza Federal Minister for Industries and Production is Great leader and his son Masroor Ahmed Khan Jatoi also MPA & his nephew Liaquat jatoi also Federal minister water and power also great leaders

  2. jeko thio so un man asan je SINDH JE M.N.A AND PRESIDENT sb kehro sabq sikhio aahy .jenh zulfiqar bhuto pakistan khy build karan lai sb kjh qurban kyo .un khy sooly te latkayo wayo ,po b asan pakistan ji gaalh kayee ta pakistan khapy .un khan po benazir je bahdur bha khay un g govt me golin hani shaheed kyo wayo po b asan pakistan khapy je naary te qaim rhyasoon .shahnwaz khy zehr dai mario wayo .un man b asan kjh na sikhio .aakhir me shaheed rani khe jehri trah hinan zaliman buzdilany treqy sa shaheed kyo un khan po b asan khy pakistan khpy .in ma zahir thio ta asan khy panhji qom san ka hamdardi nahy sirf iqtadar khpy.bhly munhjy father khy sooly te latkayo waje .bhaly munhjy bha khy munje iqtadar je hondy be rehmi san un jo sheenhh jehro seeno golian san paroon kyo waje bhaly munji gharwari khy un liaqat baagh me jity pakisatn je pehryen ee wazir azam khy qatal kyo wayo .hunan hamesha asan khy laash dina .hunan hamesha pakistan toran chahiyo asn chayo pakistan khapy,khapy khapy,

  3. i agree with Mr. Muhammad bux jatoi totel history is true and gud knowledge

  4. hi uncle how r u congratulations of mir farooq marriage ceremony yesterday i was so busy in ceremony & u were also with grand peoples so thats why we were not meet well pay my regards to all & plz add me on face book in ur a\c

  5. I would like to read more soon. By the way, pretty nice design you have here, but how about changing it from time to time?

  6. it is untrue that all of the elders, including jatoi sb, were liars and hypocrites who were insulted and kicked out of the party by Benezir Bhutto. Holy Quran says that “wama asabkum min museebatin fabima kasabat aideekum” the trouble you see is actually the earning of your own hands. Late Bhutto sb was by himself a crueler personality who had to pay his brutalities. we should be realistic.

  7. Sain Mustaque Talput Sahib.

    Plz go through interview of Abdul Hafiz Lakho, one of the advocates of Shaheed ZAB. Video is available on BBC Urdu website in which Lakho Sb clearly by quoting Shaheed ZAB said “Hafeez Pirzada and Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi have not come in public (to save the life of ZAB) . At least they should come for face saving. According to Lakho Sb, when he told this to Jatoi Sb, he said I am frightened (by Martial Law Govt).

    Sain I belong to Nawabshah and personally witnessed to PPP activities in Nawabshah being journalists.

    I have divided his life into two parts and personally appreciate his 1st, part of life whereas his second part was based on disloyalty with ZAB. Plz read statement of Zia Abbas in Jang on the death of GMJ who said General Zia (killer of Shaheed Bhutto) had decided to nominate GMJ as new prime minister. Had Gen Zia not died in air crash, GMJ would have become new Prime Minister.

    I have no personal ill will with GMJ but what are facts, I have mentioned as a journalists.
    Sain History Zalum Sai Aaahy.

    1. I am astonished at criticism of Ghulam Mustafa Khan Jatoi…..I can swear Jatoi sahibs did the most for ZAB but our people are most ungrateful. No one commenting on Hakimali Khan Zardari’s political relations with ZAB. All because AAZ married MBB & then hijacked PPP. Why & where was Begum Nusrat Bhutto taken & secluded, why Mir Murtaza’s murderers not arrested. If ZAB been alive had he…..
      Please be logical. Today the Estate of Nawab Ahmed Khan Bhutto at Naudero is owned & managed by Zardaris of Nawabshah….let’s fear Allah my friends. I respect all opinion as I want my opinion to be Respected as well.
      Mushtaq Talpur

      1. kehny walay kehtay hen k ZA Bhutto and his family members vanished from this earth because ZAB passed a bill against QADYANEEs………….aur Ghulam ahmed prayed from almighty allah to remove existance of ZAB from this earth….so it was

  8. I totally agree with Mr. Mushtaq Talpur and would like to add a few points.

    No offense to Mr. Sial Saheb but I would like to give my point of view about Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan Jatoi..

    Yes Jatoi Sb. met General Zia when ZAB was removed from the government and sent to jail. Search any periodical and newpaper and you will also be able to find Jatoi Sb’s interview with Ms. Mehtab Rashidi on HumTV in which he clearly mentioned that he met General for the first time after ZAB’s imprisonment and he literally begged (Jholi jhalan or daman phelaya) General for letting ZAB free. This is what you call meeting in darkness then yes Jatoi Sb. did meet the General but for saving ZAB.

    Second i would say that if Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi did nothing to save the life of Shaheed Z. A. Bhutto. When Bhutto Saheb was in Jail and waiting for death then who single handedly led the PPP when all the other members were out of the country. Who saved Begum Bhutto and Ms. Benazir by helping them to get a safe exit from the country by providing medical and other relevant documents it was Mr. Jatoi. Jatoi Sb. was the one that led many processions like the one at the Quaid’s Mausoleum where despite the tightest security measures to prevent Mr. Jatoi to address he disguised but did reach and addressed the party before the police arrested him.

    Name any of the so called leaders of today who put their own and their family’s life at stake and did not runaway by means of any deal…. None…

    I agree that during the MRD movement many innocent Sindhi people were brutally killed but this was done in order to sabotage the greater cause of the MRD movement and to trap Jatoi Sb in forge cases by the General’s men I would also like to clear that the incident that tried to mess up the MRD Movement took place near home town of Jatoi Sb. where people from the local punjabi tribe (general’s devotees) opened fire in a MRD procession for creating a mess and you are refering to G. M. Syed well he was the one who in the past was congress memeber and stood against the ML and the one who was in favor of one unit. Kindly give reference of some credible source.

    I would ask that just for the sake of power would anybody put his Son’s life at stake? During the MRD Movement General gave shoot at sight orders for Jatoi Sb’s eldest son Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, harrassed his family by spying their movements and creating all kind of difficulties for them, the army cordoned off his village and was moving forward to attack. Jatoi Sb and his brothers were house arrested and also sent to jails (Ghulam Mujtaba Jatoi in Mach Jail Balochistan)

    You are talking about the bargain deal for power. This means you are unaware of the caliber and stature of Mr. Jatoi. He was offered the office of the Prime Minister numerous times but he always refused just because of his true determination for the greater cause of democracy and loyalty to ZAB and his family. Not because of any statements by Begum Bhutto. Yes he was to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan but Zia died in an air crash. And after this particular occasion numerous times he was offered many high positions but if he had the lust for power he would had definitely gone for the power.

    Finally, I would like to say that people with determination, wisdom and loyalty like Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi are born in centuries who are institutions within themselves. And now the people of Pakistan esp. Sindh have become orphans with Jatoi Sb’s departure from this world and one of the greatest chapters in the history of Pakistani Politics has come to an end. May ALIMIGHTY give the Jatoi family the strenght and courage to bear the unbearable loss. AMEEN.


  9. Most treacherous allegations. GMJ was ZAB’s closest associate. He even defeated AAZ in Elections. May I ask the learned writer how close was Hakim ali Zardari & AAZ to ZAB.
    People like GMJ are born in centuries. He was an institution. We the people of Sindh and ofcourse Pakistan are now poorer then ever before without him. We cant honour & respect our heros then lets not expect God’s Blessings.
    I’m open to comments at
    All are welcome to write, discuss, debate on any issue.
    Mushtaq Talpur
    Tando Mohammed Khan

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