humairarahmanThe World Sindhi Institute fully endorses the demands registered at a recent conference of political and civil society representives seeking a new constitution for Pakistan and a new socio-economic and political contract for Sindh and other minority provinces, that took place in Hyderabad Sindh , on August 14th 2009(see below).

Citing the dysmal failure of the current constitution and the historic existence of the covenant of 1940 ( Lahore Resolution ) which already establishes a framework and template for geunine federalism , the consultative body, unanimously agreed that the 1940 Resolution is the only acceptable denominator to base a bew constitution on.

WSI also endorses veteran politician Saieen Rasool Baksh Palijo’s demand to stop the large scale pilferage of Sindh Waters that continues with impunity and that that has destroyed and continues to destroy the livelihood and health of Sindh’s citizens.

Humaira Rahman, General Seretary, World Sindhi Institute

State of Union of Pakistan 62 years later

By Khalid Hashmani, USA

Can any Pakistani honestly say that Pakistan has turned out to be the country that they or their fathers had envisioned 62 years ago? Even among the privileged class such as military and civilian bureaucracy, who have been the primary beneficiaries of what has cooked and re-cooked in Pakistan, would admit that it is not all fair in Pakistan. Many Baloch demonstrated on the 62nd Independence Day under the banner that said, “De-celebrating the Pakistan’s Independence Day”. Many Sindhis either stayed out of the Independence Day celebrations or made comments such as “Pakistan Zindabad. Jeay Sindh Dharti. May Allah this year give true autonomy to all provinces so all can live in peace” or “May Allah bless all people of Pakistan and show right path to the leaders.” “30 Lakh Bangaliyoon ka qat’l Mubarik, Hazaroon Balouchoon ke Laa’sh Mubarik, Senkroon Sindhi Ma’aoon kee Ujree Jholia’an ke Mubarak”, and “I am a Sindhi – a Hindu Sindhi, with roots in Hyderabad, Sindh, in modern day Pakistan. I cannot celebrate the creation of Pakistan – because August the 14th stands as a reminder that my family was uprooted”. The world calls Pakistan as the “hub for planning and training terrorists and global terrorism”. Hundreds of Pakistanis are dying each month on account of terrorism. Minorities feel unsafe and common men and women feel oppressed. Indeed, one wonders what went wrong and why it went wrong and what can be done to steer Pakistan on the right path? This article attempts to answer both of these questions.

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Mohd Rafi sings Tu Hindu Banega na Musalman Banega

Poet Sahir Ludhianwi, music N. Dutta, actor Manmohan Krishna

A Hindi/Urdu song by Sahir Ludhianvi

Neither Hindu Nor Muslim

Translation by B. R. Gowani

You will not become a Hindu nor a Muslim will you become

of the human progeny you are and a human being you will become

It is wonderful that so far no name you have

and no association with any religion you have

the knowledge that has divided the human beings

no blame on you, for none of that you have ..

Via: Globeistan

Mama Vishon – The living legend of Sindh

Mama Vishon an ever green personality of Thar. Mama Vishon apparently is some how smaller in height but is taller than mount Karonjhar. No doubt he is the living legend of not only Thar but whole of Sindh.

To read more about him, please click here to visit BBC urdu website.

Sinus Conditions

Sinuses are bony cavities around and behind the nose. They are lined with membranes that create sticky mucus when we get cold, allergy or infection. The mucus traps bacteria, blocked and can cause pain and swelling. Inhaling the steam is quick method to get relief. Put some eucalyptus/ baidmushq tree leaves in boiling water, boil the leaves for a while then cover your head with a towel, lean over the pot and inhale the steam. Cloves with black tea without milk and sugar are also helpful to give relief in Sinus conditions.