Paksitan – 1973 Constitution, provincial autonomy and decentralization

by: Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh

The ideas of provincial autonomy and decentralisation have become obsolete. Therefore, they are absolutely irrelevant for today’s Sindh.

Recall, the autonomy was talk of the Sindhi leaders before Partition and it was promised in the Pakistan Resolution in 1940. The decentralisation was promised in the 1973 Constitution by devolving the Concurrent List after 10 years.

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Letters to the Editor

Sindh Disenfranchised

The Sindhis again are being disenfranchised by awarding another Senate ticket of Sindh, now to Shoukat Tarin, Advisor on Finance after bestowing two tickets earlier, one to Rehman Malik who joined the federal cabinet as Minster for Interior and another to Farooque Naik who has been elected as Chairman Senate.

However irony is that in the present case the seat of senate was not vacant but was occupied by Javed Leghari,, a nominee of Shaheed Mohtarma and also in charge of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology ZABIST. His term in senate is otherwise expiring in 2012 as reported in Dawn “Tarin nomination for senate finalized” (July 28).

In order to bring Shoukat Tarin, domiciled from other province in the senate to allot him Finance Ministry as full-fledged Minaser, Javed Leghari has been asked to resign. Thus by bringing people from other provinces Sindh is being gradually disenfranchised in the upper house.

Through your paper I voice concern over a change which has caused lot of discomfiture in Sindh especially for allotting seats to those who do not represent the people of province. I also urge the President and Prime Minster to avoid such types of contentious decision which on the one hand damage the provincial cause and on the other hand alienate already disappointed party workers.

Amir Khan Pathan, California, USA