What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder in which the brain doesn’t have enough of the chemical dopamine to help transmit nerve impulses throughout the body. It is a progressive & degenerative condition and a difficult condition to live with it.  It can be controlled with medication or surgery in most cases, but at present, there is no cure.

People to foil division of Sindh: Farooq Sattar

by Sajad Hussain and Kavi Hassan

HYDERABAD: The Federal Minister and Deputy Convener of MQM Rabta Committee Dr. Farooq Sattar said that people will foil the division of Sindh. MQM has never asked for division of the Sindh, MQM thinks Sindh as Homeland he added.

He said that some nationalists are hatching conspiracies against MQM by propaganda and added that all the conspiracies will be foiled. He said this while addressing press conference at MQM Zonal Office in Hyderabad, Sunday.

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