Serious signs!

Fruity breathe (like nail polish remover) smell, can be a serious sign that you have diabetes and your blood sugar level is very high. If it isn’t control properly, coma or death will follow you. If you breathe smells (like urine or ammonia) then it may be the sign of kidney failure, diabetes or hypertension. If you breath smells (like fishy) then it may be the sign of kidney failure. Treatment: Visit doctor + blood tests to confirm.

Any Way

People are illogical, Unreasonable, And self centered
Love them, anyway

If you do good, People will accuse you, Of selfish motives
Do good, anyway

If you are successful, You may win some enemies
Succeed, anyway

The good that you do today, Will be forgotten tomorrow
Do good, anyway

Honesty and frankness, Makes you vulnerable

Be honest, anyway

Telling the truth, May get you in trouble

Tell truth, any way

What you spent years in building, Will be destroyed overnight

Build, anyway

People really need help, But may attack you,

Help them, anyway

You may get kicked, For giving the best you have

Give the best you got