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Support our Sindhi brothers and sisters in India in their struggle to create the Sindh state

by:Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

… I appeal to all Sindhis of the world including Sindhis in Sindh to support our Sindhi brothers and sisters in India in their struggle to create the Sindh state. Although, many Sindhis living in India have supported the Rights Movement of Sindhi people in Sindh, most have shown apathy towards Sindhi causes and Sindhi language. This proposal offers an opportunity for two Sindhi groups living in different countries to work for common cause.

I am hopeful that Indian Sindhis and Pakistani Sindhis would strongly support each other and under-take joint projects to promote the use of Sindhi language and protect Sindhi heritage.

6 Dec a historic day. But it doesn’t take PPP, Zardari off the hook

by: Aziz Narejo, TX

6th December is historic day for Sindh. People have come out in big numbers to express their love for their culture and to condemn the racists anchors like .., .. and their employer .. group. One should call upon the hate mongers to mend their ways. It is not 1972. Sindhis are ready and able today to defend against any attacks on their language and culture. They are ready and able to come together and fight for their rights.

At the same time one must be clear that emotional issues like the present one can not take Zardari and PPP off the hook. They should be judged on their performance. It will be wrong on anyone’s part to assume that the people have come out on the streets in support of PPP or its leadership. It only shows that people of Sindh have resolved that enough is enough and from now on they will fight for their rights no matter who is in ISB.

Sindhi Topee day in Washington

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Several Washington Sindhis are meeting to observe the Sindhi Cultural Day called as ‘Sindhi Topi Day’ on Sunday (Dec. 6 – 1:00 PM) at the East West Grill restaurant in Arlington. All those who are interested in the protection and promotion of the Sindhi culture are welcome to join the meeting. The event is supported by the Forum for Justice and Democracy in Pakistan (FJDP) of Silverlining International and Sindhi Excellence Team (SET). The gathering will share Sindhi cultural experiences and stories about Sindhi literature, sites, and sounds. The gathering will also reaffirm the pledge to protect and promote Sindhi language and Sindhi culture.

Sindhi Topi day : whole Pakistan should observe

by: Ali Nawaz Memon, Maryland

I remember President Kennedy’s visit to West Berlin when Germany was divided and felt in pain. He stood up and said WE ALL ARE BERLINERS. He did not become Berliner but in one sentence he shared pain of all Germans and expressed his soliderity with them.

Today, Sindhis feel insecure, deprived, less developed and hurt in Pakistan. I believe that it is duty of every Pakistani to stand up and identify themselves with Sindhis. What is easier than wearing Sindhi topi on december 6th?

I urge you to wear Sindhi Topi on December 6 and I urge all of Pakistanis to wear it and show solidarity with Sindhi people and culture.

Sindh: Three Indian Sindhi experts had been invited in Shah Latif Conference but they may not get visa

Photo- APP
Photo- APP

Indian authors may not get visa: official
Friday, 06 Feb, 2009 | 07:00 AM PST |
Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Dawn
HYDERABAD: Three Indian experts on the verses of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai had been invited to participate in the literary conference, part of official programs to mark the Sufi saint’s 265th Urs celebrations, said Sindh Culture Secretary Shams Jafrani on Thursday.
Talking to journalists at the Sindh Museum, the secretary, however, expressed the fear that visa problems, in the present tensions between the old foes, might hinder the guests’ arrival.

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