People to foil division of Sindh: Farooq Sattar

by Sajad Hussain and Kavi Hassan

HYDERABAD: The Federal Minister and Deputy Convener of MQM Rabta Committee Dr. Farooq Sattar said that people will foil the division of Sindh. MQM has never asked for division of the Sindh, MQM thinks Sindh as Homeland he added.

He said that some nationalists are hatching conspiracies against MQM by propaganda and added that all the conspiracies will be foiled. He said this while addressing press conference at MQM Zonal Office in Hyderabad, Sunday.

Dr. Farooq Sattar said that President Asif Ali Zardari has assured to MQM Chief Altaf Hussain to resolve the matter of restoration of Hyderabad district according to wishes of MQM.

Dr. Farooque Sattar said that MQM prefers Hyderabad district in its current position according to wishes of masses of Hyderabad. He said that Sindhi and Urdu speaking population in Sindh are brothers; they all fought conspiracies against Sindh jointly.

He said that MQM has launched campaign of membership initialized from Hyderabad first ever in history. He said that millions of Sindhis are struggling for the sovereignty and progress of country under the leadership of Altaf Hussain.

He announced that Sindh Convention will be called on 28th of May at Bhitt Shah in which people from 9 districts of Sindh will participate and Altaf Hussain will address it, while another convention will be called at Larkana.

MQM does not believe in the discrimination among rural and urban people of Sindh, he said and added that MQM believe in the rule of people and struggling for elimination of Feudalism and Landlordism.

The Federal Minister said that the network of MQM exists in every Union Council of Sindh and sectors have also established in all Sindh.

He demanded for the status of province to Baltistan through amendment in constitution. On the occasion, members of MQM Rabta Committee Ishfaq Mangi, Zubair Khan, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, Qasim, Zakir and other accompanied him.

Courtesy: Sindh Telegraph


2 thoughts on “People to foil division of Sindh: Farooq Sattar”

  1. who said Sindh is being divided?

    If they wanted it divided they could have done it in 1970 when Sindh province was created from West Pakistan after combining Khairpur and British Sindh territory.

    Is it a draft bill in parliament or government decree?

    Just because someone may have suggested it,not even in Parliament or a legislative body,doesn’t mean one has to make noise over it…that’s dumb….

  2. Sindhi is an ancient linguistic group…and a person’s nation is to what he gives his utmost allegiance to and for me that can never be a linguistic group…it is Islam…sindhi language is at most 2000 years old whereas Islam has existed since adam’s time…and,you see,sindhis are not descended from common ancestry…we are a multitude of several groups including Baloch and descendants of ancient Punjabis and not really the sole continuation of the indus civilization as these bainwashers try to portray as the indus civilization stretched all the way to north india…In old day
    s a Sindhi was anyone who resided in Sindh and loved her land and culture…most Sindhis are descended from people who migrated here and adopted our culture…I am a proud Sindhi who lives in Karachi and there are many Undu-speaking people and especially settled Punjabis here who do love the land and culture…who read and write and adore the language…rich people who have done more 4 sindh and Sindhis via their philanthropy than nationalist leaders like G.M Syed and his fellow nationalists ever did except blow wind and make use of the desperation of impoverished masses to win votes…now i ask u that,knowing that a multitude of races were allowed to migrate to sindh and are the ancestors of most Sindhis,ARE THESE PEOPLE I HAVE MENTIONED NOT SINDHI???they are sindhi and sindh is theirs…Sindh shall remain united and so shall Pakistan


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