Paving the way for the General? —Taimur Malik

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After the events of the last few years, the rejuvenated superior judiciary fully understands that not only is it responsible for the protection of the rights of the citizens of this country but it is also accountable to the same citizenry.

It is January 10th 2010, and Pakistan is once again ruled by a General. Under normal circumstances, the previous sentence may very well be the opening line of a fiction story. However, today it seems frighteningly close to a possibility bordering onto reality.

This fear of the known is in fact being propounded by the government of the day itself through its intentional and unintentional omissions and perhaps its sheer inability to handle the present security paradigm and onslaught of corruption charges against its leaders.

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Awami Jamhoori Council (AJC) held Latif Day (Jashan-e-Latif)

JAMI CHANDIO To speak on “POLITICAL CHALLENGES TO SINDH” Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 6:30 pm Venue: Central Office Awami Jamhoori Council (AJC) Blue Sky Tower, Auto Bhan Road, Near Fish Point, Giddu Chaok, Latif Abad. Lecture is in series of weekly interactive sessions for political education of political activists and common citizens, initiated by Awami Jamhoori Council.


Awami Jamhoori Council (AJC) held Latif Day (Jashan-e-Latif) in Maqsood Rind town, a small city between Shahdadpur and Shahpur Chakar.

Pleasant evening of Saturday was marked with huge gathering of political activists and common men and women in Maqsood Rind town, which started at 8 pm and ended at 2:00 am, went on for uninterrupted 6 hours.

Abrar Kazi, President AJC presided the event, writer Jami Chandio was the chief guest, TV Anchor and writer Javed Kazi, Sindh Hari Committee President Azhar Jatoi, AJC Vice President Hussain Bux Narejo, Wishno Mal, Dada Suleman Dahri, Noor Nabi Rahojo, Wishno Mal, Adi Nazir Qureshi, Dr. Abdul Rehman Rind (our local host) Khadim Talpur, Wafa Sindhi and Ali Sher Wassan (local hosts) also spoke on the occasion. Two young girls and Bahadur Rind conducted the program.

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PPP has miserably failed to deliver & lost its image – says Ayaz Latif Palijo

Ayaz Latif Palijo President Awami Threek

AT supports PPP govt despite ‘anti-Sindh policies’


THATTA, Nov 14: Leaders of the Awami Tehrik have opposed attempts to dislodge the PPP government. Speaking to participants of a long march off the National Highway, they said that although the government adopted anti-Sindh polices and failed to solve basic issues of people, the AT would not anyone to topple its government AT leader Rasool Bux Palijo, president Ayaz Latif Palijo and Sindhiani Tehrik leader Zahida Shaikh were addressing participants of the long march off the National Highway on Saturday. Hundreds of people joined them to express solidarity. Participants raised slogans and staged a sit-in. Songs were also sung in solidarity with the People’s Party.

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Pakistani Journalist Linked To Ex-ISI Officer’s Killing

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NRO Annulment – Opportunities and Challenges for Sindhis

By: Khalid Hashmani

The recent voiding of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has generated an intense debate among Pakistanis. Among Sindhis, much of the debate on this topic is happening informally and on off-the-record forums as Sindhis find themselves torn between two opposing interests. On one hand the annulment of NRO has a potential to destroy the current leadership of PPP and hence eliminate what ever little say Sindhis have in the decision making process of Pakistan.

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