Doubts about enquiry in BiBi’s murder case…

“Doubts about the move to bring BiBi’s murderers to book” – by G.N.Mughul

– Frontier Post

Karachi, May 1: With the blatant denial reportedly made by Ex-MI Chief, Maj Gen Nadim Ijaz of having not issued orders at all to the Police Officers to hose down the site of the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and his statement reportedly endorsed by the Police Officers concerned, particularly ex-CPO Rawalpindi Saud Aziz, the said three member fact finding committee to investigate the hosing murder site has emerged mere as a lollipop -not more than that.

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Collective Volunteerism: An Approach that May Work to Rebuild Pakistan

by K. Ashraf

Social, cultural, economic and political problems are growing in leaps and bounds in Pakistan on daily basis. The situation is so fluid no one can really predict the events of next moment. Is there going to be a suicide bombing, or sniper attack, or some other devastating accident, no one really knows. Fear, desperation, and helpless are the real rulers of Pakistan.

The other day the world press simultaneously broadcasted two news: One out of Mogadishu Somalia and the other from Swat Pakistan. A suicide bomber killed 20 people offering prayers in a mosque in Mogadishu . Another suicide bomber killed 11 people in Swat in Pakistan.

Is Pakistan any better than Somalia ? Perhaps, it is. Somalia does not have a government where as Pakistan does. However, Pakistani government is not any better than non-existent government in Somalia.

Like there is no government in Somalia to control the things there is a government in Pakistan but like Somalia it does not control anything. Pakistani government is nothing, but a herd of incompetent individuals who know how to boast but do not know how to deliver. There incompetence, or lack of desire to deliver, is further complicating the matters.

Pakistan is a country of one hundred and seventy million people. With several large size cities with completely broken life supporting systems, Pakistan is worse than Somalia . One can see horrible scenes across the country every second and feel sorry for the people, but without any effect or impact on its purblind rulers.

President and Prime minister look more sort of jackasses not up to the job they are holding. They are creating more problems in the country through inappropriate actions instead of helping the country move out of shadows of miseries, death and destruction. They spend more time on blaming others than spending half the time on fixing Pakistan’s problems.

There is a parliament in the country. Common Pakistani folks describe it as a rubber stamp or the debating club of thieves and thugs which is not interested in solving peoples’ problems. Within last two years, they have not taken up any issue faced by the people of Pakistan.

Is there a way out for the people of Pakistan? What should they do to resolve their problems? How should they compensate government inadequacies? We suggest they should develop the habit of collective volunteerism. They should form committees at street and city levels to deal with their day to day problems. If they develop the mechanism of collective volunteerism in all communities throughout the country they may start solving their trivial problems. They can help each other fix their broken systems and improve the quality of life in their communities. If they become really organized they can do miracles.

In many countries, the common folks have done these miracles. The people of Pakistan are not any lesser than any other people. They can also rebuild the broken social, cultural, economic and political systems in their communities through collective volunteerism.

Pakistanis are great charity givers. They should erect system to pool in their charities to rebuild the broken systems.

With every thing falling apart, may be collective volunteerism is the approach that may help Pakistanis to rebuild their communities and improve their lives.

Courtesy: CRDP, May 2, 2010

Shaheed Bibi, we are ashamed…

by Iqbal Tareen


How could we live with our conscious in peace without bringing assassins of Shaheed Raani to justice? Mohtarma was not a private person but a hope for 170 million peoples of Pakistan especially for the poor men, women, and children of Pakistan. No one even her husband or children have right to forgive anyone of her assassins or let them off the hook.

I know Bibi said “Democracy is a best revenge” but democracy without justice can’t deliver the revenge. Let us pledge not to rest until the culprits involved in this heinous crime are sent to court of law.

Let us fill up the streets, ring the tallest bells for justice and send a powerful message to Chief justice Chaudhry Iftikhar that civil society and peoples of Pakistan did not support him for restoration of Chief Justice but justice in Pakistan.

Above documentary was produced and released by Sindh TV News on Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary. It is an apology submitted to Shaheed Raani for failing to catch her assassins and conspirators. Please click to watch this video.

May 3, 2010

Lal Masjid massacre still continues to be relevant

Khwaja’s murder points to home truths – By Zaffar Abbas

Courtesy: dawn

ISLAMABAD: Horrific as it was, the brutal killing of an ex-ISI man and pro-Islamist campaigner Khalid Khwaja by members of an Islamist group is also a stark reminder of how the sudden intensification of militancy over the last couple of years, especially by the so-called Punjabi Taliban, is to a large extent a direct reaction to the events of Lal Masjid.

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India – Pakistan : people on both sides don’t want zero-sum game

by: Omar Ali

Some Indians are very conflicted about Pakistan (as much as some Pakistanis are conflicted about India) and want to see it destroyed or hurt or at least begging for mercy. That is a stupid idea because India (or any other country for that matter) cannot do that to 180 million people without paying a price. On the other hand, some Pakistanis are equally unrealistic: they think the best way to make India behave better towards Pakistan is for Pakistan to stick sharp things up India’s whatever until India begs for mercy. The problem is with the whole notion that either country can actually force their will on the other. The problem is solved once you realize that reasonable people on both sides don’t want this zero-sum game and if they cooperate instead of trying to make each other cry uncle, then things can improve dramatically and no one needs to get hurt. Lets see if common sense (that the two countries share living space, culture, history and destiny and one cannot thrive while the other starves) prevails or not…

Courtesy: CRDP, May 2, 2010