by Pervez Hoodbhoy

The man who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square was a Pakistani.

Why is this unsurprising? Answer: because when you hold a burning match to a gasoline tank, the laws of chemistry demand combustion. As anti-American lava spews uninterrupted from the fiery volcanoes of Pakistan’s private television channels and newspapers, a collective psychosis grips the country’s youth. Murderous intent follows with the conviction that the US is responsible for all ills, both in Pakistan and the world of Islam.

Faisal Shahzad, with designer sunglasses and an MBA degree from the University of Bridgeport, acquired that murderous intent. Living his formative years in Karachi, he typifies the young Pakistani who grew up in the shadow of Zia-ul-Haq’s hate-based education curriculum. The son of a retired Air Vice-Marshal, life was easy as was getting US citizenship subsequently. But at some point the toxic schooling and media tutoring must have kicked in.


Benazir : if she can…we surely can!


by: Fayaz Amar Buriro

When Benazir Shar (23 Yrs) born in the poor family of village Ghulam Hussain Shar, Union Council Garhi Dakho, Khanpur, District Shikarpur, the days were going on the popularity of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, the Daughter of East. Her father Ali Gohar Shar (46 Yrs) named her in the inspiration of the daughter of east, who was taking places in the hearts of the nation, due to her courage, dignity and bravery.

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What exactly is driving people like Faisal Shahzad to embrace this madness, asks Cyril Almeida.

The infrastructure of jihad – By Cyril Almeida

From the moment the world saw footage of the SUV belching smoke in Times Square, you just knew that it was going to be a Pakistani.

Courtesy: daily Dawn

And Faisal Shahzad didn’t disappoint. Never mind that the plot seems to be have been ridiculously amateurish, that the ‘bomb’ seems to have been assembled by a third-grade chemistry student, that Shahzad was more bungling idiot than mass murderer.

But now the world has yet more proof. Pakistan. Muslim. Terrorist.

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More provinces in Pakistan: Kasuri’s ridiculous argument

Aziz Narejo

by: Aziz Narejo, TX

And one thought Khurshid Kasuri inherited some wisdom from his father Mahmud Ali Kasuri and grandfather Maulana Abdul Qadir Kasuri. In a recent press conference, he came up with a hilarious argument in favor of ‘more’ provinces in Pakistan.

He said when Pakistan’s population was 3 crores (30 million) it had 4 provinces and now that it has a population of 18 crores (180 million), it still had 4 provinces. He thought Pakistan with 6-fold increase in its population should have 15 provinces now.

Well, I don’t know why he said 15 because according to his logic, Pakistan should have at least 24 provinces now.

If we accept his logic, would he like to tell us when there were 3 crores (30 million) people, we had one country, now that according to him we have 18 crores (180 million) people, how many COUNTRIES we should have?

Mr. Kasuri and the likes: carry on with your stupidity until you kill this ‘God-given’ country.

May 6, 2010

On Baluch resistance

The Scylla of violence – Dr Mohammad Taqi

“This is a political war and it calls for discrimination in killing.” — John Paul Vann, US adviser in Vietnam

Courtesy: The News

The recent killing of Professor Nazima Talib in Quetta has once again called into question the logic of indiscriminate violence against the non-combatant, non-Baloch settlers in the province. It has turned the focus of attention not only to the Baloch guerrilla fighters but has simultaneously put those, who support a non-violent Baloch struggle, on the spot.

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Sachal Sarmast, Sindhi Secular Sufi Poet: The Philosopher, mystic & scholar

“Sachal, Thy friend, suffers in painful afflictions aplenty”

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom

In the beautiful land of Sindh, there is a beautiful goothu ( a village), Daraazaa. Here in this calm, sanguine, sanctuary of peace and tranquillity stand a monument, a Dargaah, an earthly monument, to that Heavenly Immortal soul, my murshid, my guide Saaeen Sachal Sarmast. The love for the Suufees, Faqeers and Darveishes of this remarkable land of Sindh that is enshrined in every son and daughter of this glorious land of Sindh is really heart-warming, inspiring and touching, indeed.

This paak, pavitar, pure dhartee of Sindh, the Cradle of Civilisations, had given birth to countless Suufees, Saints, Sages, Auliyaas, Avtaars. It is in this glorious land of Sindh that humanity learnt to breathe and take its first step towards emancipation, enlightenment and Eternal Peace, Prosperity and Progress.

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