A section of the venomous media viciously preaching, spreading and spewing venom against the Unity, Integrity and Oneness of Sindh!

Mar weisuun, mar weisuun, para Sindh na ddeisuun” “Fighting for Motherland, we shall lose our lives certainly, Never shall we forsake ‘n abandon our beloved motherland surely!

By: Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

First of all, let me translate this beautiful Sindhi write-up of a verdant, valiant and vibrant daughter of Mother Sindh, Sorath Bashir in a ‘simple’ English language:

“A section of the venomous electronic and print media have been viciously writing, showing, preaching, spreading and spewing venom against the Unity, Integrity and Oneness of Sindh! Sadly, no Sindhi, child of Mother Sindh, seems to be STANDING UP to condemn, reproach and decry these lecherous and venomous attacks, thunderous diatribes and systematic brainwashing shamelessly conducted by some vicious and virulent  TV Channels against the wholeness and holiness of Glorious Land of Sindh! Oh where have those Sindhi nationalists gone, who used to burn copies and bundles of their own Sindhi Newspaper, only because the newspaper published less news or just few Reports about the pedigree and personality of these so-called nationalist leaders? Oh yes, where are those self-proclaimed, self-seeking Sindhi nationalist leaders who used to torch the offices of the party when his party talked about two ‘provinces’ in the age-old united, harmonious and sovereign land of Sindh? Oh woebegone, where are those ‘filial Sindhi Nationalists and educated and knowledgeable worthy Sindh-loving Civil Society?”

Very well said Niyaannee, my daughter, Sindh’s daughter, Saainni Sorath Bashir! I have also been saying, writing and preaching the same thing and playing the same sweet tune for years.

پَڙهيو ٿا پڙهنَّ، ڪَڙهن ڪين قُلُوب ۾؛

پاڻان ڏوهَ چڙهنَّ، جئن وَرَقَ ورائين وِتَرا،

(شاھ ڀِٽائيؒ)

“Parrhiyo thaa parrhani, karrhani keena qaluuba mein,

Paannaan ddoha charrhani, jiyan waraqa waraaeen witraa.”

(Shah Bhittai)

“Over and over they read ‘n recite,

In their souls they never write,

Numerous pages turn ‘n turn in a jiffy,

Sink deeper in sins despite.”

(Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Time and again, each time and every time, I have vociferously condemned the perverted, biased, racist and Sindh-dushman vicious activities of these so-called TV Channels and print media. They have mutilated, humiliated and murdered the TRUTH – lies upon lies they speak shamelessly and with arrogance and impunity. They give an absolutely wrong picture of the genocide that is taking place against hapless and helpless Sindhis and Balochs in Lyari, Sindh in particular and Balochistan in general!

They keep on demonically urging to demand and fight for the so-called  ‘Jinnahpur’ (muhajir suubaa) in Sindh! We have been regularly exposing the shame-faced lies and fraud, terror and torment, inhumanity and injustices, coercion and perversion, godlessness and wickedness of these evil  TV channels and print media.

I have also – hatha bmadhee, niaaza aeen niwrrata saan, peirein paee – pleaded, appealed and begged the children of Sindh to keep an eye on this venomous section of media.

Beautiful land of Sindh has suffered a lot – mauled, maligned, manipulated and continuously marauded and manhandled by the urchhins, vermins, worms, vultures and werewolves of the deep security state, especially these goons, gundaas, and geedarrs of  city fascists and their cronies, a section of media and their filthy newspapers.

Enough is enough! Mother Sindh will suffer no more! The paak (pure), pavitar (sanctified) and sacred blood of countless innocent children of Jeejal Sindh, who have been brutally, mercilessly, bludgeoned and murdered, will surely drown and drive-away these cowards and criminals who are; day and night, working against the integrity, oneness and sovereignty of Sindh.

The wandering souls of the Martyrs for Sindh, like General Hoshu Sheedi, and Bashir Quraishi, will never rest as they loud and clear proclaimed and lost their precious lives to brutes, savages and tyrants saying:

مَر ويسوُن، پَر ويسوُن، پَرَ سِنڌُ نَه ڏيسوُن،

“Mar weisuun, mar weisuun, para Sindh na ddeisuun”

“Fighting for Motherland, we shall lose our lives certainly,

Never shall we forsake ‘n abandon our beloved motherland surely!”

The sacred souls of such Martyrs shall surely haunt and hunt these barbarians and drag them from their necks to answer for their crimes and bring them to justice, God Willing.

Sindhis should unite against this section of the media that is venomously &  viciously preaching, spreading and spewing venom against the Unity, Integrity and Oneness of Sindh!

These thugs of fascist Mafia, who are godfathers of this section of media will very soon pay the price of their wretchedness and visible bias towards glorious Sindh and gregarious children. You wait and see, the words of one of their own famous stalwarts of these urchins will surely, certainly and definitely come true…….. .

Shame also on our own Sindhi TV Channels! And, look at them! – taking pride in everything ….!  We must condemn the so-called Sindhi Media as well, which is ‘Sindhi’ just in name!

Why the bright and brilliant children of glorious Mother Sindh not waking up, standing up and getting counted? Why they are suffering in their own motherland? Come on, my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, children all of Jeejal Sindhrree, search your SOUL! Take a long breath and revive and resuscitate your SOUL! Before you become a mere mention in History books, wake up, stand up and WALK TALL!

As far as the Long March for Freedom of Sindh is concerned – we are with these worthy, noble and valiant Freedom Fighters in spirit and as one SOUL and one ROAR: “Jeay Sindh!”

اُجھَڻَ کان مَچَڻَ ۾ مَزو ٿو اَچي؍

جَجھَڻُ ٿِي جيٸَڻ ۾ مَزو ٿو اَچي؍

اَسِين اِرتِقا جا سَچا آشِقَ آھيۇن؍

وَرَڻَ کان وَڌَڻَ ۾ مَزو ٿو اَچي؍

(اُستادُ بُخارِي)

“Ujhanna khan machanna meinmazo tho achei,

Jajharru thee jiyanna mein mazo tho achei;

Aseen irtiqaa jaa sachaa ashiqa aahyuun,

Waranna khan wadhaanna mein mazo tho achei!”

(Ustad Bukhari)

“Delight there be, in flickering rather than stifling,

Thrill there be, in living like embers sparkling;

Lovers we be, of evolution ‘n existence kindling,

Excitement there be, in blossoming rather than shriveling.”

(Ustad Bukhari: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

Long Live Sindh, Sindhyata ‘n Sindhi Nation! along wtih whole world.

اچو تہ سنڌ جي سينڌ سنواريون

Ahmed Makhdoom, First ‘n Foremost a Sindhi – a humble son of Mother Sindh, Malaysia, Singapore

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 11 May 2012

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