Inauguration of Sindhi Magazine “Ameeq” in Canada

On 13th May, 2012, Paar Publication Canada formally launched its quarterly Sindhi / English Magazine in an impressive ceremony held in the city of Mississauga Canada.

Participants including ladies belonging to Sindhi & Non-Sindhi communities participated in the ceremony. Addressing to the audience the Editor of the Magazine K.M. Kolachi and sub-editor Dileep Ratnani expressed their pleasure that they have introduced Sindhi Publication/ Magazine in the plural and multi-cultural society of Canada. They also, requested the audience to come forward and join hand-in-hand to serve the language and Sindhi people through their articles containing their experience, knowledge, research etc,.

Distinguished guests who addressed the gathering also included Syed Akbar Adil Shah, Abdul Razzaq Khsuhk, President SANA CANADA GTA chapter, Syed Shahnawaz Shah, Rafiq Memon, Barrister Abdul Hameed Bhashaani Khan, and others who appreciated the initiative by the Paar Publication & expressed their appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and determination of the editor and complete support for the magazine.

Participants enjoyed the session, with poetry, jokes, stories and later few songs were also sung by some of the participants followed by Dinner and meeting and mingling.

100 Onions and 100 Chittars!

A little help for the DCC

By Shahzad Chaudhry

Diplomatic space for any state lies between the ‘maximising advantage’ and ‘minimising damage’ ends of the spectrum. Working between the two ends, diplomats expend diplomatic capital and find an agreeable mean. At times, this space is squeezed because of ill-considered policies, frittered away with inept diplomacy, or lost to a fragmented domestic front. For a combination of these and many more reasons, Pakistan vis-a-vis the US, now sits at the weaker ‘minimising damage’ end having lost most of its diplomatic space. The focus must now lie on saving ourselves from delusionary gains of maximalist strategies.

The only way out of a cul-de-sac is to retrace your steps. On a political front, this invariably means spending and losing some political capital. Both Pakistan and the US are in a cul-de-sac; America with some form and shape of an apology and Pakistan climbing down the high horse of ‘an unqualified apology’, ‘only from the highest quarters’. We missed the boat; we may have to take whatever may now be available to ferry us out.

Read more: The Express Tribune, May 15th, 2012.

Yeh theeka aik ghareeb mulk Pakistan nay keyoon uthaya hay…?

Comment by: Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh

Should Pakistan be a responsible state having friendship with all the countries in the world for the sake of its poor people or it should be a terror hotbed, training camp for separatists from across the Muslim world, safe haven for Taliban and launching pad for Al Qaeda militants …? …if we don’t talk about the USA, Europe & Nato… all four neighbours are not happy with the country…. China says East Turkistan’s religious separatists are getting training in Pakistan… Iran says Jundullah is a Pakistan-based organisation …  Afghanistan says it’s attacked from Pakistan … India has thousands of complaints … Pakistan’s Constitution doesn’t allow many armies and militias in the country… there should be one official army… then why so many armies and militias have been allowed to run in the country…? those who have done this to Pakistan are the biggest enemies of this country… harbouring of these armed groups has slowed the democratic process & created many problems for Pakistan…it has tore down the Whole socio-economic fabric of the country… why Jihad & Uma’s all works are not being done in Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich centre of Islam…? Yeh theeka aik ghareeb mulk Pakistan nay kiyoon uthaya hay...?

Courtesy: Manzoor Chandio’s facebook wall.