23rd March 2012 Freedom March Rally in Karachi JSQM Chairmen Bashir Qureshi’s Speech – English Version

Long live Sindh Long live Sain GM Syed − The heirs of Sindh, My dear sisters and brethren! − I welcome you all cordially who came here from nook and corner for gathering in the capital city Karachi which is not only capital city but the heart of Sindh. − − عمر يست ڪه آواز منصور ڪهن شد − من از سرنو جلوه دهم دارو رسن را − (Time has elapsed that the voice of Mansoor has been obsolete; I want to re-embellish ropes and hang) − Sons of Sindh! − Pakistan has never been a country in any episode of history but the Sindh has remained such a motherland since thousands of years and has been bestowed with bounty of natural resources including fertile agricultural lands, roaring Indus River and coastal belt. Therefore the populace of Sindh has been the custodians of civilization when it was newly evolving elsewhere. − Out of excavation of Moen-Jo-Daro it reveals that the Sindh has traversed the different periods of olden civilizations since the period of Euphrates, Samaritans and Babylons. Comparative it was more civilized and prosperous then the contemporary civilizations of that period.

Dear People of Sindh! − − The people of Sindh made remarkable progress in establishing harmonized socioeconomic system linked with agriculture and trade and overcome numerous obstacles in their way to prosperity with the passage time. They endured lot of losses due to the successive earthquakes, abrupt change in river course, riverine floods and deviation of monsoonal systems on the one hand and confiscated their sociopolitical straightforwardness and dazzled their economic soundness and entity on the other hand. − Dear People of Sindh! − Sindh has been the battle field, if looked upon keenly, between the local populace and the invaders, swindlers and different interest groups. Iranian Imperialism never missed a single moment in ravaging Sindh. The Greek besieged Sindh after defeating Iranians, they had heard lot of stories about the richness of Sindh. Later on the people of Sindh expelled out the Greek and won the freedom from them. When it was near to its previous status again the Sassanid possessed it. Having received the liberty from them again they were enslaved by the Arabs. − − After Arabs the people of Sindh were ruled by Arghuns and Turkhans who ruined it badly. After all the Mughal Emperors of Delhi put Sindh under their possession and part and parcel of their empire. The people of Sindh again won autonomy and established their sovereignty as nation-state when the emperors of Mughal dynasty weakened in Delhi. − No longer the Sindh had flourished and exercised the autonomy in the period of Kalhoras and Talpurs, the British empire took possession of Sindh again and made it part of Bombay Presidency for their administratively. In 1936 Sindh was separated from the Bombay Presidency against the movements launched by the nationalists such as Rais Ghulam Mohammad Bhurgri, GM Syed and Shaikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi. It must be kept in mind that the fertility and prosperity of Sindh has always tantalized the invaders to build their illegal authority over it so as to plunder the resources.

Dear Brethren and Sisters! − − Keeping an eye on the last five thousand years history of Sindh, it ascertains that they people of Sindh not only encountered difficulties posed in the way of their well-being but also were compelled to bear the brunts of poverty and adversity economically. Again they won the sovereignty when they reawakened and lived very dignified life. − Dear Brethren and Sisters! − It was strong assumption when the British was awarding freedom to India that the Sindh would have been acknowledged as separate and independent country as it was in same status when they had conquered it. Contrary to it the British made Punjab as the chieftain of newly emerged Pakistan and made Sindh as its part. I would like to quote an example from the book “Sindh speaks authored by GM Syed: “Sir Feroze Khan Noon writes in his autobiography named ‘eyewitness’ what Muslim League and what Congress? Pakistan reciprocated to Punjabis for the services which they rendered during first and second world war.” − − The heirs of Sindh! − The discerning eyes of GM Syed had spot out the imminent Pakistan. He, therefore, made hectic efforts very prudently to convert the emerging Pakistan into a treaty by nations based on equity, independence and volunteer. − Remember that! In March 23, 1940 it was asked for unequivocally that a separate state would be established in Muslim majority areas and where nation-state would be promulgated. Therefore, GM Syed had demanded Pakistan while putting forth such resolution in Sindh Assembly on March 3, 1943. − The heirs of Sindh! − They have never acted upon the resolution of Pakistan which the Punjab and the rulers of Pakistan usually celebrate it very sumptuously every year to pay homage to March 23, 1940. In working committee meeting of All India Muslim League in 1946, a year before emergence of Pakistan, they entitled Pakistan as ‘religious nation-state’ against the resolution of 1940.

The governments of Sindh and NWFP were dissolved despite of having majority and put under the tyranny of Punjab as they demanded for their attainment of national and territorial interests. They were not tolerated. Non-local languages were made as national languages while putting aside the olden languages possessing richness of eloquence. − Be remember! To make the original people of Sindh in minority, religious riots were plotted to compel 1.3 million local Sindhi Hindus to undertake migration while settlers were allotted 2.5 million acres of land of Sindh and their property in bogus claims. The settlers were appointed on local positions in employment. In 1954 ‘One-Unit’ was promulgated and Sindh was called as former Sindh. Punjab ruled the roost over all the resources of Sindh under this ‘One-Unit’. − − 3.5 million acres of land was handed over to Punjab after construction of new barrages namely Guddu and Jamshoro. The military operation was imposed over Bengalis while denouncing their majority won in elections of 1971. Consequently they dismembered in 1971 which laid the firm perception that the Muslims are a different and separate nation in subcontinent thus throttled the outmoded and unnatural ideology of ‘Two-Nation’. − Sindh was put down abyss consciously while exercising the constitution of 1973 under which the separate and national entity of Sindh, Balochistan and Pakhtunistan was not recognized rather were put under the authoritative rule of Punjab. Sindh was converted into permanent minority while awarding it 21% representation. All the income generating resources of Sindh were offered to Punjab.

Dear Brethren and Sisters! − Let it be clear to world that Sindh contributes 80% to federal budget of Pakistan and produces 69% of gas and 75% of oil. I like to share with you the real picture of OGDCL that is established by Government of Pakistan for exploration of oil and gas. There are 13 directors, 12 general managers but nobody is Sindhi out of them and there are 10 managers out which there are only two Sindhis. − Despite of such production the Sindh is deprived of opportunities rather the settlers and outsiders are imposed. Moreover the Zulfiqarabad schemes are developed to settle down the outsiders and deprive the Sindhis of their right of homeland while converting them in minority. They are conspiring to embezzle the 185 billion tons of coal of Thar. The annual budget of Sindh happens to be around 460 billion where as the budget of Sindh can be made for 1600 years out of production of coal from Thar. If the population of Sindh is counted to be 60 million then the per capita happens to be 12.5 million. − Punjab has been plundering Sindh economically in the name of Pakistan while it is also victim of state oppression on the other hand. The leader of land GM Syed was put behind the bars for 32 years. Thousands of Sindhi people were made forage of bullets and grenades for keeping their voice calm. Sindhi students were martyred at events like Thori-Phatak. The bullets were showered on striving nationalist at Bakhori in Sanghar. Thousands of young people were either sent to torcher cells or disappeared without keeping known to anybody. Conspiracies were plotted to get the national workers assaulted; Abdul Qayoom Mangi and Mushtaque Khaskheli were some of them prominently who sipped the drink of martyrdom for the eternal cause of Sindh.

The residents of Sindh from perspective of homeland, language, culture, history and on the basis of mutual socioeconomic interest are separate nation as per international parameters and standards. They possess the right of, as per internationally recognized right sovereignty and self-determination, making their decisions related their socioeconomic and culture prosperity. − On the other hand Pakistan has never been a country in any period of history; neither the people living there have any proper local and indigenous one language as per international parameters, national ideology nor homogenous culture. There are traditions are different from each other; even their economic interests are not identical. − Therefore it is deception to call Pakistan a one nation and people as one nation. Contrary to it, Sindh has been separate entity since thousands of years as per geography, culture, history, traditions and integrated economic interests with each others. − − We feel it necessary to get rid of it from Pakistan while realizing the political and economic interests. We also believe simultaneously that Balochistan may be recognized as separate and independent homeland and the Bloch as nation; their independence is also essential. − Pakistan came into being in the wake of discontent caused by the misinterpretation of religion. Therefore its existence has not only been the bone of contention of hatred and destruction worldwide but due to its existence Punjab is monopolized over the foreign policy. Consequently it has been nurturing the religious extremism and terrorist-mentality

Not only the human beings living in the world are victimized but also such mentality has started taking roots in the people of Sindh as well who never ever been the part of it earlier and always depicted religious tolerance despite of observing different religious be For example Hindu girls are forcibly married to Muslims without being impressed by the teachings of religion. They transgressing the limits demarcated by the humanity. − The situation is not confined to it but linguistic riots, sectarian conflicts and tribal clashes are supported here. One of Sindh’s Sufi poets says: − Someone is to the side of Rehman (God) − Someone to Bhagwan (god) − We prostrate him − Who sides Insan (human beings) − Therefore, assuming the existence of Pakistan detrimental not only to Sindh but for all the human beings, we believe the appearance of independent Sindh as a pride not only for people of Sindh but for all human beings. − Courageous Sons of Sindh! − I want to make it clear to you hereby that those who came in Sindh after partition particularly Urdu speaking that we consider them our brethren and part of Sindhi nation and they must have to part and parcel of Sindhi nation while handing up from the outmoded and failure philosophy of two nations.

It must be inculcated that there is no sanctity of geographic boundaries of Sindh due to Pakistan. Although the geographic boundaries are not in control of Sindhis at present yet any dishonest attitude, intrigue and such debate will never be tolerated which are unfavorable for the current boundaries and harmony of Sindh.

Therefore I want to make it clear to our Urdu speaking brethren that they been bestowed with the generous lap of mother land Sindh. Being a part of Sindhi nation, they must be the part of struggle for its deliverance. I hereby inform you that be never part of such activities and maneuverings which harm unity of Sindh. Your future is interlinked with Sindh not with Pakistan. − I hereby appeal to the world community particularly five world powers such as America, Britain, Russia, China and France to support them for the freedom of Sindh while heeding to our nonviolence voice of Sindh. If the international community wants to see peace fraternity in the region they must support the stand of Sindh, because Pakistan has been the symbol of religious extremism, and terrorism. Whereas Sindh and the Sindhi nation are peace loving, tolerant and are supporters of mutual understanding of live and let live. The land of Sindh is the land of love, fraternity and tolerance. − Dear Journalists! − I want to put forth some of these points in the light of ideology of GM Syed on this historical occasion before the world and international community that: − − Sindhi are a nation according to international parameters and standards. The ideology of nations based on religion is not recognized in any international community. Pakistan is not a one nation and country rather variety of nations live here who have been made slave in the name of Islam and Pakistan. Therefore acknowledging the right of separate nation and freedom to Sindh and Balochistan, they must be awarded independence. − Pakistan has become the symbol of religious extremism and terrorism therefore the routes of fraternity and mutual peace must be brought in subcontinent, South Asia and worldwide by disappearance of Pakistan. − The attitude of nonviolence must be adapted globally while setting aside tyranny and terrorist mentality.

All international issues must be resolved through observing tolerance, compromise, mutual understanding and secular mindset (Sindhi-thought). − The way of brutality is weaker than peace building and fraternity. Therefore this historical ocean of people demands that Sindh had joined Pakistan under the resolution of March 23, 1940 voluntarily. The same resolution has been tarnished 65 times since the years of independence. It is therefore, no logical and moral reason to remain with Pakistan. We, the people of Sindh, hereby biding adieu to the resolution of 1940 ask for the self-determination of Sindh explicitly. − O the people of world community, independent nations, international and UN community and world power! Look that what the people of Sindh are demanding for hereby today. − Please come ahead to see what Sindh demands − Sindh wants freedom − Sindh wants freedom − Sindh wants freedom − Bashir Ahmed Qureshi − Chairman − Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz (JSQM) − March 23, 2012

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  2. we appeal to usa uno europe union russia israel india france great birtain china germany for the freedom of sindhudesh plzz all civilized countries of the world help us

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