Amar Fayaz Buriro – “Sky’s The Limit”

Amar Fayaz

Amar has endeavoured to bring this latest technology to the service of major Pakistani languages such as Sindhi & urdu. He realized that, these languages of his country faced formidable challenges due to non-compatibility with browsers designed especially for the handheld devices such as tablets and cellphones. One of the major issues so far as Urdu was concerned was the use of the traditionally preferred Nastaleeq style on the web. Finally he was able to create the first Web based Nastaleeq font “Amar Nastaleeq”, which is a lightweight font that allows robust and reliable conversion to various embeddable formats for use across major OS’s, browsers and devices. Meanwhile, he also worked at localizing the world’s leading CMS Joomla for Urdu and Sindhi. Today he is developer of more than 50 multilingual & complex websites (including this) which use advanced PHP programming. He also found that majority of the programmers and web developers in our country use nulled versions, cracked software and pirated scripts. This unfortunately is the major cause why most of the websites get hacked and the database management has security issues. Deviating from this practice, he chose to use neat and clean programming and licensed scripts.

Prior to setting up eSpread, he was associated with National Rural Support Program (NRSP) first as District Manager and later as Project Manager in Education Project assigned by Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program. The project is considered to be one of the most acclaimed and widely mobilizing model of UCBPRP initiatives of community based girls’ literacy and volunteers’ engagement for the furtherance of female education.

He had also worked for Pakistan Railways as Divisional Head (Mechanized Track Maintenance) at Sukkur & Quetta where his work was appreciated even by the Minister for Railways and General Manager PR/LHR. But as he did not find the working environment congenial to his temperament and principles, he finally decided to resign.

Being a creative idealist and ideologist, he always welcome challenges, built up his reputation as trouble shooter and aimed for excellence.

Beside he serves his especial services and expertise at Newports Institute, he is IT Consultant at Geo TV Network & Jang Group of Publications, and primary member of MB Sindhi Group, the pioneers of Sindhi Computing. Today he is core member of various Content Management Systems and busying in his revolutionary Localizing the Pakistani Languages.

Courtesy:Newsports Institute of Communications & Economics
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One thought on “Amar Fayaz Buriro – “Sky’s The Limit””

  1. ھنڌ اُھو سڙي، جتي باھ ٻريڪھڙو سيڪُ اچي پاڙي وارن کي!ان لاءِ سڀ کان پھريائين اھو ضروري آھي تہ اھو ھڪ دفعو طيءِ ڪجي تہ سنڌ جا اصل وارث ڪير آھن. اصل سنڌي ڪير آھن؟ انھن جي نالي تي ٻيا ڪير بہ ، جيڪر بہ کٽيو کائن ٿا، حق تلفي ٿا ڪن. اھي بہ سنڌي بيشڪ آھن پر طُفيلي سنڌي ليکبا. ٻيو تہ جئن خدا ھر قوم کي ھڪ عدد پنھنجر پنھنجي ٻولي عطا ڪئي ھُئي تئن ھر قوم کيي پنھنجو پنھنجو ڌرتيءَ ٽُڪرُ يعني وطن بہ عطا ڪيو ھو. تنھن ڪري ڪنھن بہ بھاني سان ڪنھنجي وطن تي قبضو، قبضو ليکبو. باقي بہ گڏجي رھڻ جا لي ڪي آداب ٿيندا آھن.

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