When a Woman Seeks a Man/ Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara

Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara means “please give to me a man of truth who embodies the perfect masculine attributes. From a Vedic perspective, women ask, “Where can I find a man who will honor me and respect me, who will use my deep spirit/ energy honestly and unselfishly, without anger or resentment?

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5 thoughts on “When a Woman Seeks a Man/ Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara”

  1. This is the very first time I visited this site. Totally impressed with it’s statements of WISDOM. AMEN !!

  2. When our relationshiop fails we must consider cutting the ties which bind
    so that Both the parties can move on with their Lives !
    All creation is Vibration
    We are Vibration
    Relationships are interwoven with vibration
    The stronger the relationship
    the greater the energy magnetism
    which manifests into unhealthy Strong Energetic Cord/Ties.

    Sai Baba says practice Attachment & Detachment !

    LESSONS FROM GOD -Sai Baba & Cutting Cords/Ties that Bind
    When we become too attached to our possessions and relationships we
    create Invisible energy Cords/attachments. After a period of time
    these cords create havoc within our energy system!
    and stop us from moving on!, even after
    Death, Cords can stop us ascending.

    A Lady came to see me one day, “I have broken up my traumatic relationship
    with my partner after 10 years she said, however I cannot let him go.
    When we meet he still abuses me, why can’t I let him go or
    forget him, I know he is not good for me”.

    Looking into her energy system I was shown Invisible Energy cords binding the two together, making it very difficult for them to part.

    (These cords are similar to a stream of energy which contain all the relationship
    .emotions, love, anger, lust, jealousy and much more. These cords become
    energetically stronger with emotions. The stronger person normally
    unconsciously starts drawing energy from the other making the .other person weaker and ill! )

    These invisible cords were Lovingly dissolved and shortly after this abusive relationship
    ended allowing them to both go their own separate ways.
    Cords must be dissolved/cut during meditation with much Love for God and the other person involved.
    We ask God to oversee the cutting of them.
    We ask permission from the higher self of the other person, stating lovingly
    that its being done with Love for the good of all concerned.

    We must educate ourselves and realize Cords are part of our life, which we must be careful to avoid creating. The minute we are born we start creating cords.
    We attach them to Family, our possessions, etc, and vice versa
    our parents, friends, lovers, also start attaching cords to us.

    Energy follows thought – Do it with anger and Reap the Karma
    Do it with Love and Reap the Good Karma.

    Sai Baba’s devotee Phyllis Krystal has written good
    informative books on this subject. (Cutting the Ties that bind).

  3. Lessons from GOD

    I run an aircraft maintenance hangar and a flying school in Biggin Hill Airport Uk with my 2 sons and Ashley our Chief Eng
    We fly Cessna and Piper aircraft
    One Day I was walking into our hangar I was carrying out the
    Gayatri Mantra Discipline Chanting Gayatri few thousand times a day even while working

    (Sathya Sai Baba had initiated this to me in Shirdi Temple after a Fire ceremony with Shirdi Sai Baba)

    As I reached my office Outside my office right in front of me was the largest beetle I have ever seen UGLY and Dead and Large
    I am terrified of Beetles.
    I closed my eyes and Kicked it aside and said to myself I will ask one of my staff to throw it out later
    I forgot all about this beetle with the pressures of work.

    A Couple of hours later I lit an Incense stick we have an Altar to all the Divine beings, Ganesh, Jesus Guru Nanak, Amma Hugging lady, Sai Baba, Buddha Allah, etc a small shrine we have, we do in our Hangar.
    We have maybe 15 staff they light incense and we do prayers in our aircraft hangar many times in the day.
    Anyway I said God thank you for allowing our Aircraft to be safe and train pilots safely and thank you for looking after us
    I said “God I love You”.
    Suddenly Sai Baba appeared waved his hand &
    The Wall in front of me suddenly became a huge TV screen & I saw myself walking into the hangar
    Baba then said ” Amarjit You don’t love God, you live in pretence.”
    “What’s wrong with you Baba” I said, I love God look into the TV I am Chanting The Gayatri mantra prayers as I am walking .
    Then Baba said “Look Amarjit you have just Kicked me, (showing me kicking the beetle)”
    The Beetle is not you Baba what is wrong with you
    “It was God you kicked Amarjit” said Baba
    I blurted “But the Beetle is Dead its lifeless it has no life in it.

    Baba then said ” Amarjit, Lip Service to God is No service at all”

    You might as well not chant any prayers if your consciousness
    does not perceive God in all you do and see
    Your next lesson is to perceive and see God in everything you do and see I am in the chair you sit on
    I am in the incense stick you are lighting. I am in your aircraft, in your staff, in your customers,
    Whatever wrong you do anywhere I feel it instantly
    I am in the Floor you are standing on I am every where, I am the air you breathe
    I am the Totality of creation
    This is your next Lesson in learning to merge with God raise your compassion to see God in all” saying this Baba dematerialised leaving me once again to ponder and think hard.
    Amarjit Singh

    The Holy Bible : Acts 17:24-25 God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; 25 Neither is worshiped with men’s hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;

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