Sindhi speakers in India

States of India by Sindhi speakers
This is a list of States and Union Territories of India by speakers of Sindhi as of census 2001. Gross population figures are available online. Sindhi speakers; India 2,571,526,  Gujarat 957,682,. Maharashtra 707,214, Rajasthan 378,598, Madhya Pradesh 259,496, Chhattisgarh 89,585, Delhi 42,937, Uttar Pradesh 33,240, Karnataka 15,855, West Bengal 8,018, Andhra Pradesh 7,621, Haryana 6,343, Tamil Nadu 6,241, Uttarakhand 5,094, Orissa 3,680, Jharkhand 2,695,  Goa 539, Meghalaya 232, Daman and Diu 221, Dadra and Nagar Haveli132, Arunachal Pradesh 110, Pondicherry 97, Chandigarh 90.

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By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan
1.Do not concentrate at one place. It should be avoided by restricting migration of people from other places. 2. At the distance of each 50 kms, along the both sides of Super and National highways, Model Industrial towns may be established and there all Industries and Factories may be installed. 3.Saperate Funds may be allocated for such new places of Industrial settlements.


Sindh Bank

The case for Sindh Bank
THE former chief minister of Sindh, accepting the long-awaited public demand, had announced establishment of the Sindh Bank. Then advertisements were splashed in daily newspapers, not once but twice and thrice during the year 2007. Afterwards a lot of money was also incurred on spadework in the chief minister’s secretariat.

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Let’s leave a better world for our children

Larkana needs Univeristy

By: Mukhtiar Samo

Larkana is the one century old district which had population of 2.2 million before its recent bifurcation into two when district Kambar Shahdadkot was carved out from it in the second half of the year 2005. It has now population of 1.2 million people. Larkana has been the centre of education, business and the politics throughout the history. It is the home town of Two Prime Ministers, three Chief Ministers and many ministers, present education minister of Sindh included, prominent politicians, intellectuals and the professionals.

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Sindh: The Sehwan Sharif festival

sehwa-sharif-festival.jpg The greatest party on earth?

By Declan Walsh

(Women dance outside the ‘golden gate’ at the central Shrine of the Sehwan Sharif festival. Around 1 million people attend the three day event that combines partying and prayer to mark the death of the Sufi mystic Lal Shahbaz Qalander, who died 755 years ago. Photograph Declan Walsh.)

Pakistan’s tourism ministry designated 2007 as “Destination Pakistan”, the year when tourists were urged to discover the country’s sights and delights. Their timing couldn’t have been worse. A military ruler clinging to power, al-Qaida fanatics hiding in the mountains, suicide bombings booming across the cities – in 2007, Pakistan has become a byword for peril and turmoil.

But there is another Pakistan, one the majority of its 165 million people are more familiar with. It is the thrusting software entrepreneurs and brash new television stations. It is the kite flyers and partygoers and the strangers who insist you sit for a cup of tea. And it is Sehwan Sharif.

A sleepy town on the Indus river, Sehwan Sharif is on the heroin smuggling route that runs through Sindh from Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea. In summer it is a sauna – stepping from my air-conditioned car last month, the heat carried a five-knuckle wallop.

I joined about 1 million people who come to Sehwan Sharif for three days every year, to mark the death of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, an ancient Sufi mystic. It is one of south Asia’s greatest parties.

A giant, infectious drumbeat fills the night air. Red-clad women spin like dervishes and old men dance like teenagers. Men kiss the railings of the shrine; some burst into tears. A conga line of worshippers pushes into a glittering shrine at the heart of festival. The soft aroma of hashish and cooked bread wafts through the tiny alleyways; old men with watery eyes suck on clay pipes; barefoot families doze on the rooftops.

A million people – it’s enough to give an embassy security officer a heart attack. Yet I’ve rarely felt so secure. Impromptu singing sessions erupt by the roadside. People offer strangers a bed, a meal, or a drag from their joint. Smiles and handshakes are everywhere. Qalandar, a sort of medieval hippy, would have approved. Wandering through this area almost 800 years ago, he preached tolerance between Hindus and Muslims and peace to all men. Legend had it that he could transform himself into a falcon.

One night I met Muhammad Fiaz, a burly bus driver from Gujrat with glitter on his cheeks. He had taken his annual holiday to come and sit at the feet of a pir, or holy man. He brushed off any talk of politics. “Musharraf and his lot are one thing,” he said. “This is entirely another”.

Thursday October 4, 2007

Courtesy: The Guardian

Source –,,2183119,00.html

The Rogue Police of India

Our Country Needs Freedom Fighters

Report by: I K Chhugani, India

61 years of Independence. From the oppression and enslavement at the hands of the British, and straight into the brutal and corrupt hands of some of our very own countrymen. The corrupt bureaucrats and law enforcers of our great country who do everything but enforce the law of the land, the Rogue Police of India.

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Another Resolution Soon in Sindh Assembly on Oil and Gas Companies’ Injustices

Ishak Soomro

Another Resolution Soon in Sindh Assembly on Oil and Gas Companies’ Injustices  

MPA Sindh Mandhro Visits PDI Office and Appreciates PDI Research and Campaign  

This is to share with you Mr. Sikander Mandhro MPA – the mover of resolution on the injustices with the local communities of Sindh by the oil and gas companies, on Monday visited PDI office and held detailed meeting with PDI Director Sikander Brohi and Program Officer Ishak Soomro.

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Musharraf steps down: what next?

By Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh

President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation on Monday in the face of an impending impeachment motion by the ruling coalition government. His resignation has ended a period of turmoil and uncertainty.
Read the reaction of various national and international leaders and views being covered by Reuters,
AFP, AP and Bloomberg on

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By Wajid Shamsul Hasan, London

London, August 14: When I unfurled Pakistani flag on the Independence Day at Pakistan High Commission in London I was overwhelmed by a strange feeling of happiness that I never had before. Every one of us present on the occasion realised that this time Independence Day was being celebrated at the dawn of real democracy in Pakistan.


Roots Of Sindhi Civilization- Its Glory & Greatness

By Rohan Bijlani, Naples, Florida, U.S.A

Two Comments: 1. The following article in Indus Asia Online Journl is truly worthy of note:

Roots Of Sindhi Civilization- Its Glory & Greatness
By.G. T. Shahani, President, RESEARCH & REFERENCE CENTER (Historical Division)

The article is highly inspirational and instructive – and brings a searchlight to the greatness of Sindh as far back as seven to ten thousand years back.  I must congratulate you for bringing this great article to our notice My regret is that in printing this article, a fine print has been used which used that truly strains the eyes.  I wish you would be so kind as to consider using a larger print to make this great article, somewhat easy to read.


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Who is a Sindhi?

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

* A Sindhi is proud to call himself/herself a Sindhi. * A Sindhi truly loves the land of Sindh and pledges to protect its integrity and heritage. * A Sindhi does not plan or conspire to divide Sindh into other homelands. * A Sindhi does not engage or conspire to exploit or discriminate against other Sindhis. * A Sindhi is some one who is honest and selflessly serves other Sindhis and shuns violence. * A Sindhi makes his/her mission to learn the Sindhi language. * A Sindhi appreciates Sindhi music, Sindhi literature, and Sindhi culture.  * A Sindhi does his/her best to learn and appreciate the languages and cultures of others who make Sindh their home and are proud to call themselves Sindhis. 

Altaf opposes the impeachment of Musharraf

Karachi, Sindh: Altaf Hussain in his address last night asked his supporters to apply for arms licences, and to get training in shooting and other forms of self defence, including judo and karate. This he said while addressing the elitist of his supporters in Defence and Clifton in a large dinner gathering arranged in the Clifton Park right next to 70 Clifton. He also opposed the impeachment of General Musharraf.

Impeachment of dictator Musharraf

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA

It is heartening to know that the ruling coalition in Pakistan has finally reached a decision to impeach dictator Musharraf who has occupied Pakistan illegally and unconstitutionally since about 9 years. It is time to not only get rid of him but to make him accountable for all his crimes against the country and the people and also try him under Article 6 of the Constitution for high treason.

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Lets remember Popti Heera Nandani

Some people make history but in our land one that makes history is ignored very soon. Our great heroes have been ignored and forgotten. So keep the healthy tradition on to remember our those heroes who worked cordially for Sindh.
I remember Popti Heera Nandani, she wrote superb and showed an illustrative mirror of the partition
Hisam Memon

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Karachi Stock Market Down As US Blames ISI for Supporting Terror

Karachi, Sindh: Foreign investors and local institutions down on Thursday, as the strong US statements against ISI for its alleged support to Islamic militants. “There has been a series of bad news about US-Pakistan relations in terms of the war against terrorism and Pakistan’s role in controlling militancy”, said Ateeq Ahmed, a trader at Capital One Equities. Afghan President also warned against possible attact inside Pakistan to hit militant strong-holds.

Sea is eroding 1.5 feet land of Sindh every day

The experts says we need at least 10 MAF water in downstream Kotri for the survival of the ecosystem but we have failed to release that water and thus sea is moving upward, gulping Sindh inch by inch. The decreasing flow in the River Indus in downstream Kotri has taken sea erosion up to an alarming level, with the sea eroding 1.5 feet of land every day.

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