Abolish Thar Coal Authority: SANA

Sindhi Association of North America has demanded immediate abolition of the recently established Thar Coal Authority as it was an illegal and unconstitutional entity and blatant interference into provincial affairs. In a statement issued in Houston, TX, SANA president Aziz Narejo said that any attempts to take over natural resources guaranteed to provinces in the Constitution will meet strong protest in Sindh and elsewhere and will further harm relations between the federation and the province.

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US Expresses Interest in Promoting Education of Sindhis

By Gul Agha, Champaign, Illinois, USA

(A Sindhi-American Republican, originally from Hyderabad, who is a political appointee of the Bush administration at US AID agency, has been been working for several years informing US officials and policy makers of the importance of supporting education of Sindhis, keeping in view that Sindhis are natural allies of secularism and democracy, and strongly against fundamentalism and terrorism. The person has been in touch with me over the years, also inviting me to meet several officials at social receptions when I am in DC.. Feedback from the ground about these efforts would be useful to pass on). From VoA:*

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