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McDowell County, USA Has Close to Haiti’s Life Expectancy: Welcome to Third World America

Many Americans, especially in the South, can look forward to dying far younger than their counterparts in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe.

The Affordable Care Act is merely a small step in the direction of universal healthcare. One need only look at the data on life expectancy among Americans to realize how badly health care reform is needed in the United States. People in much of Europe are, on the whole, outliving residents of the U.S., which in some places, is looking more and more like a Third World country when it comes to life expectancy.

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Longer life

Scientists have known for a long time that when animals are given about one-third fewer calories than normal, their life expectancy increases by about one-third. The same is true in human,  Eating less is healthier. Eat fresh washed leafy green and colorful vegetables and fruits. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of fresh clean water. If drink tea, drink it without sugar and milk. Avoid sugar and sugar productions, Refine carbohydrates, rice and potato products. Take vitamin C, B-complex vitamins. Walk half and an hour every day. Eat deep water fish. Eat dinner before 3 hours to go to bed. All these efforts may help you to increase your life expectancy.