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China’s India policy

The article, written by Zhan Lue and titled “If China takes a little action, the so-called Great Indian Federation can be broken up,” has aroused strong sentiments in India where many see this as a reflection of the hard line thinking in Beijing.

New Delhi – Fears that China could employ a strategy of “murdering with borrowed knives” against India does not seem totally unfounded. A leading Chinese think-tank whose views count with the Beijing’s administration, has put forward an outrageous suggestion that China should break India inot 20-30 independent states with the help of “friendly countries” like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Zhan Lue’s that published on the website of a think tank that advises Beijing on global and strategic issues, the article makes a series of preposterous suggestions saying that a fragmented India would be in China’s interests and also lead to prosperity in the region.