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Sindh-Punjab water crisis


Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Saturday, 04 Jul, 2009

THIS is apropos of two reports (June 22) on the water crisis, followed by an editorial. Two groups of tail-end users had agitated for water shortage in Hyderabad and at Wagah border. One group demanded of the rulers to release water. The other group, under the banner of Pakistan Muttahida Kissan Mahaz, protested against cut in river water by India. Unfortunately, Sindh demands water from Punjab and Punjab is crying against India that the neighbouring country is responsible for the damage of its agriculture system.

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DAWN Article on Water Issue in Pakistan

Water scarcity and disputes

By Zulfiqar Halepoto

Courtesy: daily dawn, Monday, 06 Jul, 2009

WITH unprecedented challenges of water scarcity facing the world, some new approaches have surfaced to tackle this problem. The terms like ‘river diplomacy’ and ‘environmental peacekeeping’ are commonly used in non-traditional human security studies as tension between riparian states mount on water sharing, environmental degradation, irrigation and drinking water shortage and decline in food security.

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