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Raw vegetables are more protective than cooked vegetables

Fresh washed raw vegetables are more protective than cooked vegetables to reduce the rick of pancreatic cancer by more than half. The most beneficial vegetables that identified by the scientific studies are; Garlic, ginger, onions, carrots and dark leafy green vegetables. These simple veges have incredible power of protection from cancer. Vegetables are good source of minerals and vitamins. Vegetables can play a great role in good general health.

Kidney Problems

Symptoms: Snoring, Bed-wetting, Urinary problems, Lower back pain, Swelling of legs, Getting up too early or too late, Getting up to urinate in the night, Sleeping problems such as turning again and again in sleep, Insomnia, Nightmares, Nausea, Vomiting, Drowsiness, Mental & psychological symptoms and disorders, for example: fear, timidity, shyness, hesitation, indecision, lack of clarity, etc, Decline of mental & physical vitality.

Signs: Darkness or blackness on the skin under the eyes shows kidney stagnation and toxic blood as a result of tight kidneys. Bags under the eyes show kidney problems. The ears are kidney-shaped and also correspond with these organs. Pimples on ear may the sign of kidney problem. A red coloration around the outer edge of the ear shows the kidneys are swollen from too much sugar, dairy, fruit and juices. Too much animal protein can lead to moles or warts on the ear. Wet or dump hands show over burdened kidneys and bladder.

Solution: (These suggestions may help you) Eat whole grain, no refined carbohydrates (NO » Sugar, honey, chocolate, rice, White flour products). Eat fish and raw fresh washed vegetables and fruits. Control High blood pressure and cholesterol. Take vitamin B-comples 25 mg, vitamin C 250 mg everyday, vitamin E 200 IU, or multi-minerals and multi-vitamins every day. Add garlic, ginger, onion, turmeric and yogurt in your food. Drink black or green tea without milk and sugar. Drink clean crystal clear fresh water in moderate amount.

Vitamin B1 is important for brain functioning

Vitamin B1 is important for brain functioning especially it is good for treating brain fog and muscles. It also supports heart functioning and energy production of body. Many heart failure patients found low in Vitamin B1 (thiamine). It helps to reduce anxiety, dementia, confusion, fatigue, depression, memory loss and pain. Take it with other B vitamin (vitamin B complex) because B vitamins work well together as team.

Vital Vitamins

Vitamin A: Normal vision, health skin, tissue repair and growth, Vitamin B1: Help digestive system work properly, help muscles and Nerves and normal function of heart. Vitamin B2: Healthy immune system & skin, engergy production, Vitamin B3: helps lower the colestrol and clean the artries, Vitamin B6: helps blood cell production, growth and maintain weight, Vitain B12: helps in formation of red boold cells, vitamin E: helps tp protect cell memberances and nerves, Vitamin C: helps wound healing, disease resistance, bone and teeth formation.