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Pakistan : Naked parade in Lahore

Zia’s Investment in religion

During late 70 and almost all 1980s (till 88) Zia and his companions earned dollars through two main sources: drug trade and selling Pakistani youth to America’s Afghan war. People would be interested to know what the society got in return? To know please read the following BBC news:


This is really a terrible face of religious hatred by socalled educated ones against the society.

Courtesy –  Naveed Shaikh and Sindhi e-list MeharanValley

Pakistan: Violence against women & children in the Month of September and October 2008

Report by Ali Palh, Sri Lanka
Ali Palh, Masters in Human Rights from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, heads district field Office of Nonviolent Peace force, Sri Lanka in the Island. Email: nomipalh@yahoo.com, apalh@nonviolentpeaceforce.org

Women in our society are killed like hens…. says a journalist in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan

….Country’s constitution promises protection to women, a country which is member of Human Rights Council, a country which has ratified CEDAW… and a country…

Killings of Women in the name of Honor and other incidents of violence against women reported in the Month of September and October in Media
Rahim Baskh Mugeri who murdered his newly born son just after half an hour of his birth on suspicions that he was an illicit child (Reported in Newspapers)

Near Pir Goth (Village) Tasleema was murdered in the name of Honor. According to the reports, the interior motive behind the murder was ‘Property’. Reports further says that both her husband namely Ibrahim and his father-in-law Zamir throw her in front of mad dogs first and later killed her with gun-shots. (Reported in Newspapers)

1. Near Dera Murad Jamali, in Nasirabad, balouchistan, two women were buried alive. This issue flashed out in both federal and international media.

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