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Pakistan’s Sindh has characteristics of an independent state: US Congressional report

Washington: Pakistan’s Sindh always possessed characteristics of a “viable independent state”, but its role as Punjab’s conduit to the sea may be the ultimate reason that successful separatism could not yield results, a first-ever US Congressional report on the strategic province has said.

In its report, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) — an independent and bi-partisan research wing of US Congress — said Sindh historically has possessed many of the trappings of a modern nation-state.

“Yet it exists in a circumstance wherein its autonomy (and that of Pakistan’s other minority provinces”) is significantly restrained by a politically and demographically dominant Punjabi province and ethnicity,” said the report.

The CRS reports are prepared by eminent experts but are not considered the official position of US Congress. However, it is the first time CRS has prepared a report on Sindh which of late is facing serious discontent among locals.

“Although Sindh has always possessed most of the characteristics required for a viable independent state and some nationalist sentiments persist to this day its role as Punjab’s conduit to the sea may well be the ultimate reason that successful Sindhi separatism faced long odds,” it said.

A copy of the report was released to the media by Congressman Brad Sherman, who is the co-Chair of the small Congressional Caucus on Sindh.

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