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I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing


I HAVE worked for the United Nations for most of the last three decades. I was a human rights officer in Haiti in the 1990s and served in the former Yugoslavia during the Srebrenica genocide. I helped lead the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami and the Haitian earthquake, planned the mission to eliminate Syrian chemical weapons, and most recently led the Ebola mission in West Africa. I care deeply for the principles the United Nations is designed to uphold.

And that’s why I have decided to leave.

The world faces a range of terrifying crises, from the threat of climate change to terrorist breeding grounds in places like Syria, Iraq and Somalia. The United Nations is uniquely placed to meet these challenges, and it is doing invaluable work, like protecting civilians and delivering humanitarian aid in South Sudan and elsewhere. But in terms of its overall mission, thanks to colossal mismanagement, the United Nations is failing.

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Musharraf was the main threat to Benazir’s safety – Toronto Star Editorial

Who killed Bhutto?

Who orchestrated the murder of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s brave champion of rule by the people, during her campaign in 2007 to restore democracy after years of military rule? We may never know. Suspicion pointed to Pakistani jihadists, Al Qaeda or the Taliban.

But Bhutto believed that former president Gen. Pervez Musharraf ” was the main threat to her safety,” a United Nations probe has just reported. Some in the Musharraf-era elite “saw her return to an active political life in Pakistan as a threat to their power.” Whatever the truth, the regime hd much to answer for.

Musharraf gave Bhutto “fatally insufficient  and ineffective” security, but provided “strngent” protection for leaders who favoured him, the UN panel found. His intelligence agents and officials then “severely hampered” the probe of her death. Police feared “involvement by the intelligence agencies,” bungled the probe and ruled out the “possibility of involvement by elements of the Establishment.”

There was “little to no focus on investigating those further up the hierarchy in the planning, financing and execution” of the murder. This UN post-mortem invites Pakistani to reflect on how far they have come in three years, and on where they need to go. The panel urged President Asif Ali Zardari, Bhutto’s widower, to hold a “credible” probe to end impunity for political crimes. He agreed. But many Pakistanis are skeptical.

Certainly, it isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. And conditions. And conditions are not ideal. Pakistan is battling a domestic insurgecy and grinding poverty. Relations with India are still fraught. Terrorists have their eyes on the country’s nuclear arsenal. In a world of instability and woe, the military and security services’ stock is bound to be high.

But as the UN report makes clear, Bhutto believed that strengthening democracy, not the self-seleced military/ security elite, is best guarantor of better days. For her, it was an idea worth dying for.

Courtesy: Daily Toronto Star, Monday, April 19, 2010, page A-16.

Join the Fight to Demand Justice for Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

Although it took more than two years for the truth to come out from the UN but finally it came and it holds General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf responsible for the assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

We demand from the Pakistan Government to pursue the cause of justice for Benazir Bhutto vigorously by taking immediate legal action against former Pakistani dictator, his agents and co-conspirators, and government officials pointed out in the UN report. We further demand that Pakistan’s various intelligence agencies, particularly Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) be re-organized so that they will protect

our true leaders instead of serving dictators.

United Nations investigation team has identified many powerful individuals, agencies, and high level government officials including General Musharraf and his political allies abating the local investigation and creating a huge smoke screen by tempering evidence

and by lying to the media and the world. Hosing down of the crime scene, refusal by ISI and local official to authorize autopsy in spite of the insistence of the medical team, denying required level of security to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, hurriedly commissioning Scotland Yard team to investigate cause of the death within very narrowly defined scope were a few examples of preemptive attempts by Musharraf regime to fake its sincerity into the investigation of this tragedy.

In a detailed report the UN Investigation team has established the motive, ability, and the role of Musharraf government, Pakistani military and civil agencies under his control, and his coalition

partners in the federal and provincial governments in the planning and execution of Mohtarma’s murder. The government of Pakistan is provided enough grounds to issue arrest warrants against all those who are

listed as possible accomplices in Mohtarma’s assassination. The careful study of high profile assassinations has shown us how a series

of assassinations of possible witnesses were triggered to remove the traces of any evidence that can implicate the most powerful parties implicated in the crime. We anticipate that the similar pattern will be carried out to protect main actors behind this crime.

We agree with those PPP Leaders when they say that though the UN report contained nothing new, delay in the implementation of the report would create further doubts in the minds of the people and this situation would be detrimental to the political future of the party.

The UN Report also says that not only the former regime but also personal security of Benazir Bhutto were responsible for her security, as both did not fulfill their responsibility”

We appeal major powers including Unites States of America, Members of European Community, China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, and all countries of the world to deny former Pakistani Dictator any safe heaven or entry in their country.

We urge Pakistani parliament to pass a resolution seeking help from United Nations to facilitate extradition of General Musharraf from any of its member countries.

We appeal all democracy and justice loving people and political parties of Pakistan and Pakistani Diaspora to demonstrate their support in bringing all culprits to Justice. We call for direct involvement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to make sure justice

nothing but justice is done in this case to send a powerful message that justice will be done no matter how powerful the culprit may be.

We encourage members of overseas Pakistani community to form action committees to plan a long drawn struggle in facilitating the justice.

Please write to your Congressmen, members parliament, government leaders, media, hold public rallies in front of Pakistani Embassies and High Commissions, heads of government and heads of state.

In coming days we will reach out to Pakistani community in Washington DC metro area and friends of justice and democracy in Pakistan to

organize a rally.

You can reach us on (202) 747-2640 for extending your support and advice.

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United Nations Releases Benazir Murder Report

Source – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OqFnDZVNA&feature=player_embedded




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Pakistani Women Organize Prayer Demonstration outside the United Nations

16th March 2010, Geneva: European Organization of Pakistani Minorities an International Independent NGO working for the minority rights for Pakistani’s organized a Peaceful prayer demonstration in front of the United Nations under the symbolic broken chair.

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United Nations Panel on Racial Discrimination

United Nations Panel on Racial Discrimination has demanded Pakistan provide answers to its racist treatment of Baloch:
GENEVA: Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva says his country is trying to address the discrimination against its Baluch minority.
Zamir Akram says the Pakistan government “has given high priority to engaging the local Baluch leaders and the people of Baluchistan in a meaningful dialogue and removing their legitimate grievances.”
A U.N. panel on racial discrimination questioned Akram on Thursday about Pakistan’s treatment of the Baluch people.
(International Herald Tribune)