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Marriott Hotel Blast in Capital Islamabad!!???

Islamabad: At Marriott Hotel, when the Pakistan Assembly Speaker, Fehmida Mirza was hosting Iftar (dinner) in the honor of the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, a sudden bomb blast, killed over 60 including 7 Foreigners and 257 injured so far. President Zardari reportedly was not at the dinner at the time of the blast. The blast was within half a mile from the lawn to the PM house. The Press and PM of Pakistan and all parliamentarians were there for Iftar before it happened. It was seemed as a conspiracy and was a planned bomb blast against the elected government of Pakistan!

According to some reports the hotel gates were remained open for small cars, followed by an explosive-laden truck that detonated. The fire quickly surrounds the entire structure. According some reports, the blast caused a natural gas leak that set the top floor of the five-story on fire. 8 p.m. blast was a Sucide Truck bomb blast, police said.