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Did I see Pretty Zinta?

prettycowby Altaf Shaikh, Marine Engineer/ Travelogue Writer
Pakistani seems to be crazy for Bollywood film actresses. Some of them think that on reaching Mumbai you can see them all around & every where. On return from Mumbai everyone at home asks me whether I saw Pretty Zinta on the roads of Mumbai? Could I see Rakhee Sawant, Bipasaw Basu, Neha Dopiya, Pirayanka Chopra, Riya Sen Or other bollywood beauties in Chowpatty, Colaba, Churchgate, worli, Bandra, or on the Curry road of Mumbai??
No, I could not see Pretty Zinta, Qatrina Kaif, Samera Reby, Amirta Rao, Celina Jetly, Depika Pardicone etc but I saw cows and cows and cows on the roads of Mumbai …. fat cows, skinny cows, lazy cows, holy cows, hungry cows, lethargic cows and even one pretty cow I saw on Jagannath Bhosle road, Colaba (the southern part of Mumbai).
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Altaf Shaikh is a famous Sindhi scholar & Travelogue Writer

altaf_shaikhAltaf Ahmed Shaikh (Sindhi: الطاف شيخ) is a famous Sindhi scholar from Pakistan . Altaf Shaikh is a travel writer and well known traveler. He was born in the house of Gul Muhammad Shaikh on November 14, 1944 in New Hala District, Hyderabad (now Matiari District).

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