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What are Thyroid conditions?

Signs of Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid

Signs of Hypothyroid (under active thyroid)

Feel tiredness all the day, constipation, pale and dry skin, brittle hair, weight gain, loss of eyebrow hair, muscle cramps, feeling cold in warm weather, joints and muscles pain, milky discharge from the breast in women, depression, Audiovisual hallucinations or paranoid, forgetfulness, loss of ambition, slowing thought and speech, increased sleepiness, depression, hard to focus or pay attention, fear of public places, exhausted, overwhelmed, mental fog, quick aging, anxiety, excessive worrying, panic attacks.

Signs of Hyperthyroid (Overactive thyroid)

Weight loss (some times weight gain), muscle weakness, less muscle mass, shakiness, eye irritation, increased thirst, intolerant, feeling warm in cold weather, hair loss, wet, sweating more than others, brittle nails, palpitations, shortness of breath, inching, irregular menstrual periods in women, less fertility, restlessness, social anxiety, guilt feelings, irritability, emotional mood swings, bipolar behavior, disorganized thinking, aggression, paranoia, losing touch with reality, uncontrollable anger, unable to stay on tasks, low job performance, unable to work together, not good team worker, usually loose the job, palms sweaty and lethargy.

These suggestion may help: Visit the doctor, eat raw but fresh washed leafy green and colourful vegetables and fruits, Take Vitamin B complex, vitamin C and E, or multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements, half an hour exercise daily, yogurt early in the morning (if your are not allergic with milk products), drink moderate amount of crystal clean fresh water daily.