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Syrian refugees among recipients of aid from donated crops

Canadian Foodgrains Bank provides aid around the world

By CBC News

A group of farmers in Saskatchewan are among hundreds across Canada who are making donations of a crop to support international aid, including food for people fleeing Syria.

“It would be hard to imagine what it would be like to be hungry all the time. We never experience that,” Cam Ferguson, who is part of the Naicam-Spalding Growers Project, said. “We take food for granted.”

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Rick Hillier says military can help bring in 50,000 refugees by Christmas

Former chief of defence staff outlines plan that includes transporting people by cruise ship

By Katharine Starr, Karen Jouhal, CBC News

The Canadian Forces could play a key role in helping to bring at least 50,000 Syrian refugees — far more than the government is planning— to Canada by Christmas, retired general Rick Hillier says.

“We’ve got these incredible leaders in the Canadian Forces, across the RCMP and many other places in our nation who are ready to step up,” he said in an interview with Rosemary Barton on CBC News Network’sPower & Politics.

Hillier, the former chief of the defence staff, called for the government to bring in at least 50,000 Syrian refugees over the next three months, a figure he called realistic.

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