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In-camera session: The ultimate betrayal

By Badar Alam

After all the hullabaloo about the civilian supremacy over the military, the parliament’s joint session has ended up achieving the opposite of what leaked reports on the military and intelligence bosses being on the defensive might suggest.

The unanimous resolution passed at the end of the session has reaffirmed and validated Pakistan’s flawed security discourse –espoused and led by the military and its supporters among politicians and media pundits: That the United States of America – in cahoots with India – is out to destroy Pakistan. What else can explain the worrying absence from the resolution of both Osama bin Laden and the terrorist organisations on the prowl across the country with their poisonous ideologies and lethal strategies to implement them?

Bin Laden was no ordinary criminal on the run from the law. He had been ordering, planning and sponsoring acts of terrorism across the globe using our territory. And in a gross violation of our territorial sanctity, the world’s most wanted terrorist, whose organisation al Qaeda more than once declared war on Pakistan, has been living just outside the country’s top military academy reportedly for years.

Still, the parliamentarians forgot to refer to the fact that by virtue of his visa-less stay in Abbottabad, he has been undermining Pakistan’s sovereignty and subverting the sacredness of our borders as much as the American helicopters did when they invaded Pakistan to capture and kill him.

Whether this omission is deliberate or accidental, it confirms the most dominant view in our security and intelligence discourse that the roots of Pakistan’s problems lie outside of the country and not inside. Besides the obvious demerits of this flawed approach which has exposed Pakistan to hostile neighbors on both its eastern and western borders, it allows the military, the government, the parliament and the intelligentsia the luxury to bury their heads in the sand as the chances of an implosion of the state and the society become increasingly imminent around them.

The problem with such smugness is that it wants an immediate end to drone attacks and is willing to go to any lengths to have them stopped but is willing to look the other way as terrorists – operating illegally out of our territory – continue to commit horrible crimes against humanity, within Pakistan as well as outside it.

The parliamentarians have not just underestimated the global anxiety over terrorism emanating from our own backyard, they have also undermined the sacrifices of 35,000 civilians and about 5000 security personnel who lost their lives to terrorist attacks. Or did they actually die fighting against some aliens descended on us through the American drones? By choosing to ignore these issues, the parliament looks like having answered this question in the affirmative.

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By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakn

Poverty is not showered by God and it is not the fate of any man, woman, nation and even country at large throughout the world but it prevails on account of the Policies, programs, Planning, system of Governance, intentions and actions of the Government from time to time.

It is the product of fragile and unstable system of the Government.The repeated changes and reshuffles in the rulers of the country mostly affect the fortunes of the people because of less continuity and longevity of Policies and Plans prepared by the previous rulers.


Simply stated, it is lack of food, safe water, reliable health care adequate shelter and basic education.

However, In the words of Nadine Gordimer, winner of Nobel prize for literature in 1991, ”Poverty has aspects other than lack of bread or rice or maize meal basics that keep the body alive”.

A poor woman Moldona once said”Poverty is pain, it feels like a disease.It attacks a person not only materially but also morally.It eats away one`s diginity and drives one into total despair.”


1.In Sindh, Un-employment is No. one problem having an evidence of (i)Committal of suicides by unemployed Youth(ii) Bad law and order situations i.e. abduction for ransome, dacoits in urban and rural areas,(iii) lifting of bikes and cars,(iv) Killings etc.

2.Beggary has risen. 3.Diseases has risen. 4.Illiteracy or low quality education in rural areas. 5. Bad condition of Roads and water sewerage system in Urban and Rural areas.

6.Price hike due to imposition of many taxes and daily in-crease in petroleum goods, Gas and Electricty etc. 7. Devaluation of Rupee. 8.Less Exports due to less producticity of commodities etc. 9.No installation or establishment of new projects or investment.

There are many long and short term Suggestions for alleviation of Poverty in Sindh.


1. Invite applications from unemployed Youth who have passed Matric and above in Sindh and absorb them in Ministries, Departments/ Organisations/ Bank/ Corporations, industries with immediate start of their salaries.

2.Necessary directions may be issued to absorb in all Factories/ Industries/ Government Departments people from Sindh only in various posts or they may arrange their training in the requisite fields with suitable salaries.

3. Rs.50,000 may be granted to each family for their small business or trade etc.

4. For shortage of water, Government should plan a tube well for the needy areas.

5. Each village may be linked with near by town through link roads.

6. Marketing centers may be arranged in each village of 2000 families or houses.

7. Drinking water may be provided to each village.

8 .Each village of 50 houses may be provided Primary schools.

9. Each village of 200 families may be provided with a Middle school.

10. Each village of 500 houses may be provided High school .

11.Each village of 1000 houses may be provided an intermediate College.

12.Each village of 1500 houses may be provided a College for Graduate and post Graduate Classes.

13. SHO and Inspector of Police of the Jurisdiction may be removed from service for ever for the abduction,Decoits/ theft and bad law and order situation.

14.In each village of 200 houses the ladies Centres may be established for earning their livelihood.

15. In each Village of 100 houses Social Welfare Community centers may be established for the entertainment and livelihood of the people.

16. Sindh Bank may be established for which Act has already been approved.