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Demographic explosions, Sindh and strategic vision

by: Prof. Aftab Kazi, PhD (Pittsburgh)

Please note: The writer is HEC (Higher Education Commission) Foreign Professor, FCS, National Defense University of Pakistan.

..In my opinion, despite the demographic dilemmas, the situation in Sindh can be managed in short-term to be controlled in long term. Not through the kind of political activism of a nationalist/ sub-nationalist nature, but by the government of Sindh, if it has the will and strategic vision, because politics is often in fluid; hence subjected to constant change. Unfortunately y the Sindh Government and cohorts lacl strategic vision, just like most, if not all Sindhi politicians did during 1950s. Migrations and demographic explosions are common to every society cross-continentaly. Wise societies and civilizations have attempted to incorporate demographic changes to their advantage by implementing specific political socialization processes through certain policy mechanisms. Why politicians in the Sindh government are holding up from introducing Sindhi language and Culture as a compulsory part of the curriculum for all Sindhis and non-Sindhi speakers, aimed at incorporating all newer elements within the societal mainstream? Pathans won’t object to this and by now, under the constantly changing demographic environment MQM is likely to approve albeit with some short-term hesitation. This political socialization mechanism, if adapted, could be the insurance for Sindhis that they will not converted into a minority by naturalizing all non-Sindhis within their cultural fold.

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