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The “State Religion” is the root of religious terrorism and extremism in Pakistan.

WSC 27th International Conference
Desk News – London: 27th International Conference on Sindh, “Roots of Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan and Human Rights of oppressed nations” was organized by the World Sindhi Congress (WSC), at Kingsley Hall, London, on October 31st, 2015..

Chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Abdul Khalique Junejo’s book “Politics of Change – Bitter realities and tough choices” launched by World Sindhi Congress at London.  Amanullah Shaikh, thel leader of Awami Jhamori Party (AJP) and Julian Levesque French researcher spoke on the book. Farhan Kaghzi introduced the book and moderated the event.

India’s former Union Law Minister and formerer Chairman of Bar Council of India, Ram Jethmalani and .several other distinguished scholars and activists from Sindh, USA, EU, Canada and UK presented papers and speeches on the theme of “Roots of Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan. Human Rights of oppressed nations”

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Why is it that Turkey progressed and Pakistan regressed?

Secularizing theocracy

By Waseem Altaf

Excerpt: …. Why is it that Turkey progressed and Pakistan regressed?

When in 1928 the Turkish Parliament was opting for a secular state and the constitutional provision declaring Islam as the state religion was being deleted, 21 years down the road in 1949 Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly was passing the Objectives Resolution, moved by Liaqat Ali Khan, the Prime Minister, proclaiming that the future constitution of Pakistan would be modeled on the ideology and faith in Islam. In the 1973 constitution Islam was declared as the state religion.

When in the 1920’s sovereignty of the people was being established in Turkey replacing the sovereignty of the Caliph, in 1949 Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly was bestowing sovereignty upon Allah.

When in the 1920’s the Turkish Parliament was adopting time-tested European models to reconstruct their civil, commercial and penal law, Pakistan’s 1973 constitution envisaged that ‘All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran and Sunnah.’

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The International Day Against State Religion

The Secretary-General, United Nations: Recognize “The International Day Against State Religion”

Petition by G. M. Lakho, Karachi, Sindh


The Secretary-General,

United Nations,

UN Headquarters,

New York.

Please take active, effective and meaningful steps for recognizing “The International Day Against State Religion” by the United Nations in solidarity with victims of the State Religion, namely, non-Muslims and non-believers of Pakistan.

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