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Statement released by 13 Sindh National and International Organizations on the occasion of 28th annual SANA convention

July 1st , 2012, New York, NY – We the representatives of Sindh Progressive National Alliance (SPNA),[Awami Tehreek (AT), Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STTP), Sindh United Party (SUP) Sindhi Sangat Middle East (SSME), International Sindhi Women’s Organization (ISWO), ], Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF), Indus Peoples’ Forum (IPF), Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), World Sindhi Congress (WSC), World Sindhi Institute (WSI) , and Sindhi Sangat United Kingdom (SSUK) , condemn the on-going human rights violations in Sindh and the systematic denial of social, political, and economic rights of Sindhis.

Sindh joined Pakistan in 1947 as an autonomous and sovereign state based on the agreement enshrined in the 1940 Pakistan Resolution. From inception however, the Pakistani state denied sovereignty to the Bengali, Sindhi, Baloch and Pushtun, Seraiki nations that joined the federation. Today, 65 years later Sindh is deprived of autonomy and the governance of its own affairs and has become a veritable colony of Punjab establishment.

The current composure of centralized Pakistan has made it an undemocratic, theocratic, and unstable state which has become a threat to the global security. The Nation of Sindh seeks support from the international community in the following major challenges facing Sindhis.

1. Sindh is the historic motherland of the Sindhi Nation since millennia; we believe in the integrity of Sindh and its geographical division is unacceptable to Sindhis under any circumstances. We condemn all the conspiracies being waged against the integrity of Sindh.

2. Sindhi and other major languages of Pakistan have always been discriminated against. We demand that all the national languages of Pakistan i.e. Sindhi, Baluchi, Pushto, Seraiki and Punjabi be declared the national languages of Pakistan.

3. Pakistan state policies have been designed to render Sindhis into a minority in their own homeland. The orchestrated influx of populations from other provinces as well as outside the country since 1951 and flawed house census of 2010 has disenfranchised native Sindhis. A new census under supervision of an international body must be carried out.

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Cultural and Musical program in Manchester

SSUK Social, Cultural and Musical program in Manchester, UK

Report by: Gul Sanai Memon

Press Release: Sindhi Sangat United Kingdom (SSUK) arranged a ‘Social, cultural and Musical Program’ on Saturday, August 30th, 2008 at Manchester. This amazing event was attended by more than 300 participants from all walks of life, all over the United Kingdom and the speakers of the event claimed it the largest gathering of Sindhis in the UK’s history.

Ali Memon and Fahmida Ramzan performed as stage secretaries and kept very much involved all the participants in the program by integrating the ever green Sindhi poetry and the messages of SSUK. Mr. Abdul Haque Lohar, recited verses from holy Quran while Dureshahwar Qureshi and other children presented a prayer in Sindhi.

The lord Mayor, Mavis Smitheman, The Lady Mayoress, Irene Etchells, Mr. Tony Llyod, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Member of Parliament from Gorton, Manchester attended this gracious event and thoroughly enjoyed the program. They all made wonderful speeches and extended their full support to SSUK. Mr. Saif Rehman Khan, acting Consulate general of Manchester acted as representative of Mr. Wajid Shumas ul Hasan, High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom who was unable to attend the event because of unavoidable circumstances.

Mr. Shahzado Wadhio, Secretary General, SSUK presented a report introducing SSUK, current activities and future programs. Gul Sanai, Information Secretary, SSUK briefly presented about Sindh, its history and culture in the form of a pictorial presentation for the English speaking people.

Dr. Nazeer Dahar, president, Sindh Doctors Association (SDA) extended its full support and appreciated efforts of SSUK in launching its upcoming projects on Sindh Library and SSUK School of Nursing. He narrated the activities of SDA in detail.

Dr. Haleem Bhatti, Dr. Lakhu Luhano and Surraiya Makhdoom of World Sindhi Congress highlighted the current issues of Sindh and called upon the British participants and Sindhis to come forward to alleviate the suffering of Sindh.

All the participants paid tribute to the legendary personality of Mr. Muhammad Aslam Junejo a Manchester based Sindhi and the principal advisor and Accountant of SSUK who left this mortal world in December 2007 following a deadly heart attack. Prayer was also made for Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto and the martyrs of Sindh, Pakistan.

SSUK children performed very well in dancing over the Sindhi Song of Ahmed Mughal, parody on Jalal Chandio and the different roles of a common people in Sindhi society. The credit goes to Ms. Hafeezan Wadhio who spent months in preparing the children for all this astonishing performance. Dr. Anwar Baloch and Dr. Lakhu Luhano presented gifts to the children who performed as a token of appreciation.

SSUK arranged a Cultural Corner to represent Sindh’s culture where Sindhi dresses, Ajrak, Topi, handicrafts, Bed Sheets, and Showpieces were displayed which remained the area of attention of the families and the distinguish guests.

The new executive committee of SSUK was announced following its election in the last month as Mr. Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, President; Mr. Ali Memon, Vice President, Mr. Shahzado Wadhio, Secretary General, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Gilal, Finance Secretary; Mr. Gul Sanai, Information Secretary and Mr. AD Keerio, Cultural Secretary.

Mr. Nisar Ahmed Gilal and Zulfiquar Ali Gilal with company presented a tablo. Mr. Ghulam Ali Mirza, Ms. Virsha and Kiran Manjiani, Saeen Bux Patoojo, Dr. Ghulam Qasim Channa and well known singer of the Sindh Ustad Rajab Ali performed in musical concert till mid night. The participants couldn’t stop them to dance vigorously and enjoyed the program thoroughly. The musical program ended with the traditional song of Ho jamalo’ the song of joy’ for Sindhis.

As per custom of the Sindhi culture, SSUK presented the gift of Ajrak to all speakers and the lovely food to the participants. SSUK can not forget to extend its high appreciation to all its members and well wishers who played a vital role in the organizing and making this a memorable and successful event. Mr. Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, president, SSUK thanked all the participants for their maximum participation and supporting SSUK.

Sep 2, 2008