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First Sindhi Hindu Doctor is inducted in the Pakistani Army (Door open to all others)

Dr. Aneel Kumar, now Captain Aneel Kumar is inducted in the Pakistani Army and is now serving near Bannu. The doors are open for everyone. Therefore Sindhi deewan doctors can choose to join the Pakistani Army as a medical officer without any delay. The closing date for registering online is January 26, 2009. Everyone can register online by visiting joinpakarmy.gov.pk. Looking at Pakistan’s history and influence of the army in the country’s day to day matters, it is vital for Sindhis to join the Pak army and try going up in hierarchy so that Sindhis have sufficient representation in the ranks of the army.
For that Sindhis might have to face tough behavior and politics initially from those in majority. Although, this way Sindhis can make their foundation in Pak army. This situation applies everywhere and to everyone new. They have to face office politics, regardless of where and which department or country they are working. And a Sikh belongs to Sikh Community from Lahore also inducted as 2nd Leiutinent in one of the unit of Pak Army too.