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Sindhi Nationalists settling illegal Afghan Refugees Near Sindhi Society

by Marvi Memon, TX

NOTE: I am writing below after investigation. Please do not issue unnecessary denials. Instead, you may personally investigate matter in detail at yourself.

A valuable piece of land about 30 acres owned by the Sindh government situated at Main National Highway (Bin Qasim Town) in Karachi has been grabbed by a Sindhi nationalist leader of Hyderabad [A**** Bh*******o] and has been demarcated into residential and commercial plots. He is selling the plots illegally and according to reliable information, 80% such plots have been sold to Afghan Refugees.

Unfortunately, the grabbed land is opposite Sindhi Jamaat Cooperative Housing Society, Main National Highway, Karachi where overwhelming population is of Sindhis.

After the settling of illegal Afghan Refugees, the Sindhi people who are residing in abundance in Sindhi Society (Opposite) and adjoining Sindhi villages would face culture of arms and ammunition besides drugs in the area and there is strong possibility that future of coming generation would be ruined compeletly.

They are openly using the name of Sindh Home Minister *** *** as their leader but I am not sure Mr *** is involved or not but it is confirmed that without the support of Sindh Govt officials, it was not possible to grab the valuable land.

In order to hoodwink the people, they have given the fake name of Village Hassan Punhawar Residency to the illegal settlement.

All Sindhis are requested to take up this matter seriously as we fear that the new generation of Sindhis living in Malir District would be ruined due to arms and ammunition besides drug culture which they would introduce.

This is very serious issue.

Thu, April 8, 2010

National and Democratic Question in Pakistan

R.B. Palijo
R.B. Palijo

Awami Tahreek is hosting a country wide conference on “National and Democratic Question in Pakistan”

On Sunday May 24, 2009 at Hotel Regent Plaza, Kohnoor Hall room (12:00 to 6:00 PM). Participants of the conference would also deliberate on the lawlessness in country and suggest possible solutions. Pakistan’s leading nationalist, democratic; leftists, writers, intellectuals and lawyers would attend and speak in this half day conference. Some 400 delegates of different political and social movements would participate in the conference. Awami Tahreek would like to invite you in this conference. Having you would be a privilege to us.

Rasool Bux Palijo, Awami Tahreek, Sindh


Awami Tahreek is progressive and pro-people political movement

Awami Tahreek is progressive and pro-people political movement of peasants, writers, students and working class people of Sindh. Since its inception in 1970s it has worked for democratization in country, giving voice to voiceless people of Sindh. It has established working class leadership at gross roots level in a society which is dominated by feudal elite and class which is patronized and sponsored by undemocratic elements in this country. AT believes in social change and transformation of Sindhi society by building alliances with working class people of other provinces of this country and seeks solidarity with people at large in world.

Senior reporter of DAWN, Writer & Journalist Sabihudin Ghausi passes away

He got a great level of respect  in Sindhi society due to his courageous & professional stand on the rights of Sindh, as an equal level federating unit of Pakistan

Dr Ayoub Shaikh, United Arab Emirates.
Mr Sabihudin Ghausi , we used to call him Ghausi Sahib was an eminent journalist. Many times we had lovely discussions on different issues. He always received PAINS on different landslide policies against Sindh, cause great inequality in one country. He never bow down before any big and small threat. He always put truth in worthy newspaper DAWN. He was a very good human. He will be remembered whenever Sindh gets unjust NFC awards, wrong policies, bad rulers, inhuman dictators. People always and concerned quarters occasionally knock his door and ring his phone to understand the complexities of the Financial Matters. He was authority on many Fiscal approachs and always uncover the lies within lies for the sake of TRUTH. Its a Loss to entire community who talk truth and put Facts before the people to Judge. He will be admired and remembered by all democrats.

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