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A million postcards addressed to the PM’s Office in New Delhi have been sent by Sindhi-speaking residents of India to demand a Sindhi language channel at Doordarshan TV

A million postcards to save a language

By Manoj R Nair, Hindustan Times

Since March 2012, thousands of postcards addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi have been sent from cities and small towns in the country that has Sindhi-speaking residents. These handwritten messages postcards, which have the names and telephone numbers of the senders, have one

demand: a Sindhi-language television channel from government-run broadcaster Doordarshan.

Tens of thousands of these cards have been posted from Mumbai too. One group – the Bandra-based Friends of International Sindhis – collected Rs. 60,000 at their Diwali function in 2012 and purchased 1,20,000 postcards priced at 50 paise each.

Sindhi is one of the languages listed in the 8th schedule of the constitution, but with no linguistic state of their own to keep it flourishing, the community worries that the tongue is hurtling towards extinction.

Asha Chand, secretary of Sindhi Sangat, a Mumbai-based group explains why they are worried about their mother tongue’s future. “How do you learn a language? It is by hearing someone speak it. Children learn a language by hearing their parents talking it. But, when a large number of Sindhis have stopped speaking the language, how will they pass it on to their children?” she asked.

After they migrated to India after partition, Sindhis set up newspapers and schools in their language. But, as newer generations shifted to schools in English and other languages, these newspapers and schools have declined or closed down. For instance, the K J Khilnani School in Mahim, which is situated next to large housing colony of Sindhi-speakers, once held classes in the language. The school has now switched to the English medium and few children from the housing colony study there.

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India : Promote & propagate Sindhi Culture

Need of the day for Sindhis in India – Promote & propagate Sindhi Vocal Culture

By Chand .P,  forwarded by Asha Chand

The sole aim and goal of Sindhi Sangat is the promotion of Sindhi language, culture and heritage. The declining interest of the community in their own Sindhi culture, especially in the younger generation, is a matter of great concern. We feel that with greater emphasis on the use of modern electronic/visual media, we can hope to reverse this trend and promote vocal culture more emphatically. Sindhi Sangat is making a small contribution in this direction to put the above concept into action.

We launched “SINDHI SURHAAN” in 2007, a 30 min TV slot on Doordarshan. We have been producing high quality Sindhi Telefilms and other mixed TV episodes. We continue to telecast Sindhi Surhaan today from satellite TV Channels – DD Girnar (formerly called DD Gujarati) and DD India. Both the satellite TV channels can be viewed all over India . DD India has foot prints in 146 countries in the world.

Sindhi Telefilms have been also released as DVDs to reach out Sindhis worldwide. We have especially added subtitles in English, so that the telefilms also become the source of improving and polishing one’s knowledge of the language.

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Watch Sindhi Telefilm – Zahar Pyar Jo

In continuation with our sole aim and focus on promoting our beloved mother tongue, we are proposing to upload Sindhi telefilms, comedy Sindhi tele episodes and Sindh music videos produced by Sindhisangat on internet. As a test run, we have uploaded our first telefilm, titled Zahar Pyar Jo. Click on http://videos.sindhisangat.tv/ This has been released on DVD and telecast on Sindhi Surhaan, our weekly TV programme on DD Gujarati and DD India.

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Let’s Learn Sindhi through Interactive Multimedia- Sindhi Sangat

Sindhi Sangat and the Indian Institute of Sindhology, take pleasure and pride in presenting this “LET’S LEARN SINDHI CD-ROM” an interactive multimedia CD-ROM.
Click here for details

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Sindh is the Leader of Secularism

by Ghulam Qadir Mallah

Sindhi Musical Show organized by Sindhi Sangat of Ms Asha Chand here in Dubai. Ram Jethmalani was Chief Guest of the event. sindh He had remained Cabinet Minister of the Central Government of India up to long time, Law Minister of India and still having top positions in Indian Govt. Ram Jethmalani in his speech mentioned that Indian top class ministers and leaders of very big parties don’t know what is securlism? They don’t know what is “S” of securalism. But we Sindhi living any where in the world or in Sindh in our very essense are secular people and if any one wants to learn Secularism, they should learn from Sindhis. He qouted one example that before partition when he was a young child he experienced many times Sindhi Hindu children were having new dresses on Eid days and Muslim Sindhi children were having new dresses during DIWALI. He mentioned that kind of practical secularism is almost unavailable in whole India. Therefore, Sindh has always possessed a leading role to experience secularism. I would advise world to visit Sindh and learn secularism from Sindhis.

Cultural and Musical program in Manchester

SSUK Social, Cultural and Musical program in Manchester, UK

Report by: Gul Sanai Memon

Press Release: Sindhi Sangat United Kingdom (SSUK) arranged a ‘Social, cultural and Musical Program’ on Saturday, August 30th, 2008 at Manchester. This amazing event was attended by more than 300 participants from all walks of life, all over the United Kingdom and the speakers of the event claimed it the largest gathering of Sindhis in the UK’s history.

Ali Memon and Fahmida Ramzan performed as stage secretaries and kept very much involved all the participants in the program by integrating the ever green Sindhi poetry and the messages of SSUK. Mr. Abdul Haque Lohar, recited verses from holy Quran while Dureshahwar Qureshi and other children presented a prayer in Sindhi.

The lord Mayor, Mavis Smitheman, The Lady Mayoress, Irene Etchells, Mr. Tony Llyod, Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, Sir Gerald Kaufman, Member of Parliament from Gorton, Manchester attended this gracious event and thoroughly enjoyed the program. They all made wonderful speeches and extended their full support to SSUK. Mr. Saif Rehman Khan, acting Consulate general of Manchester acted as representative of Mr. Wajid Shumas ul Hasan, High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom who was unable to attend the event because of unavoidable circumstances.

Mr. Shahzado Wadhio, Secretary General, SSUK presented a report introducing SSUK, current activities and future programs. Gul Sanai, Information Secretary, SSUK briefly presented about Sindh, its history and culture in the form of a pictorial presentation for the English speaking people.

Dr. Nazeer Dahar, president, Sindh Doctors Association (SDA) extended its full support and appreciated efforts of SSUK in launching its upcoming projects on Sindh Library and SSUK School of Nursing. He narrated the activities of SDA in detail.

Dr. Haleem Bhatti, Dr. Lakhu Luhano and Surraiya Makhdoom of World Sindhi Congress highlighted the current issues of Sindh and called upon the British participants and Sindhis to come forward to alleviate the suffering of Sindh.

All the participants paid tribute to the legendary personality of Mr. Muhammad Aslam Junejo a Manchester based Sindhi and the principal advisor and Accountant of SSUK who left this mortal world in December 2007 following a deadly heart attack. Prayer was also made for Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto and the martyrs of Sindh, Pakistan.

SSUK children performed very well in dancing over the Sindhi Song of Ahmed Mughal, parody on Jalal Chandio and the different roles of a common people in Sindhi society. The credit goes to Ms. Hafeezan Wadhio who spent months in preparing the children for all this astonishing performance. Dr. Anwar Baloch and Dr. Lakhu Luhano presented gifts to the children who performed as a token of appreciation.

SSUK arranged a Cultural Corner to represent Sindh’s culture where Sindhi dresses, Ajrak, Topi, handicrafts, Bed Sheets, and Showpieces were displayed which remained the area of attention of the families and the distinguish guests.

The new executive committee of SSUK was announced following its election in the last month as Mr. Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, President; Mr. Ali Memon, Vice President, Mr. Shahzado Wadhio, Secretary General, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Gilal, Finance Secretary; Mr. Gul Sanai, Information Secretary and Mr. AD Keerio, Cultural Secretary.

Mr. Nisar Ahmed Gilal and Zulfiquar Ali Gilal with company presented a tablo. Mr. Ghulam Ali Mirza, Ms. Virsha and Kiran Manjiani, Saeen Bux Patoojo, Dr. Ghulam Qasim Channa and well known singer of the Sindh Ustad Rajab Ali performed in musical concert till mid night. The participants couldn’t stop them to dance vigorously and enjoyed the program thoroughly. The musical program ended with the traditional song of Ho jamalo’ the song of joy’ for Sindhis.

As per custom of the Sindhi culture, SSUK presented the gift of Ajrak to all speakers and the lovely food to the participants. SSUK can not forget to extend its high appreciation to all its members and well wishers who played a vital role in the organizing and making this a memorable and successful event. Mr. Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, president, SSUK thanked all the participants for their maximum participation and supporting SSUK.

Sep 2, 2008