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Watch the renowned writer, scholar, philosopher and political commentator Noam Chomsky’s statement about extra-judicial killings of enforcedly disappeared Sindhi political activists

Watch the statement of renowned writer, scholar, philosopher and political commentator Noam Chomsky on extra-judicial killings of enforcedly disappeared Sindhi political activists and forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls!

Courtesy: Noam Chomsky + YouTube

MQM begins rural Sindh

Many sindhies have joined MQM because of the fraud by PPP after getting votes in the name of BB Shaheed. MQM has Zonal Offices in all towns/cities and units throughout the districts of SINDH. 16 months back when I was in Dadu they had 35 units and now must be more. Besides they have EXISTENCE in EVEN IN SMALL villages and people are joining them EVERY DAY .They have Sindhi Ministers , senators. MNAs and MPAs. Their presence in Punjab even at small level will endanger Chodhries and notorious leagues and other fraudias because iron cuts iron. I think this time they will take more seats from Sindh rural  because they have network and resouces. Whereas their competators PPP is engaged minting money. FIVE SEATS OF SENATORS FROM SINDH HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO NON SINDHIS BY PPP . JOBS ARE BEING SOLD AND SINDHIES ARE NOW VICTIMS OF THE POLICE AND OTHER CORRUPT OFFICERS AS THEY HAVE TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY PAID BY THEM FOR THEIR POSTINGS. WHEREAS SINDHI NATIONALISTS ARE ENGAGED IN FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER..

[Our elected and non-elected leaders instead of caring Sindhis most of them are corrupt and they are robbing our own people. The worst exploitation of Sindh is continue by our own. Sindhis are not only exploited by others, but, also our own nationalist groups and they are shamelessly involve in looting and selling the resources of Sindh. Our Sindhi nationalists are only  looking at their personal gains instead of collective good.  We need to stop blaming others (even if others are to blame).]


[Above mail is from a friend in Sindh in response to Aziz Narejo’s article on “MQM in Punjab! Can history foretell the future?”]

Courtesy: SANAList, Thu, April 29, 2010

Work for the cause, not for any individual leader

By Gul Agha, USA

Whatever any individual does, it does not reflect the cause … could use some good leaders, but the fact remains that almost the entire Sindhi nation stands for the right of self-determination. Sometimes charges against individuals are true, sometimes they are clearly bogus. For example, sometimes I hear utter nonsense like Saiin G. M. Syed, an 80+ year old under house arrest in Sann, “provided terrorist training to MQM”. (in between writing a dozen books on the cause of Sindh and Sindhi culture?). How stupid an idea can there be! Other times, it is about people I know nothing about.

Good leadership is hard in a brutal country which kills, tortures and bribes people. Often such leadership must come from those who are abroad in safe harbors. Unfortunately, many Sindhis abroad do not represent or support the Sindhi cause.

Individuals are not important, ideas are. The good thing about democracy is that people elect a leader and then they remove the leader. Worshiping individuals and thinking of them as saviors is dangerous.

At critical times, many individuals have betrayed the cause.., due to personal ego or due to lack of vision or poor judgment.

All individuals’ actions must be evaluated critically, but honestly. But we must all continue to work for the.. cause, not for any individual leader.

Sindhi identity and survival is under threat, swamped by other culture, language and values under brutal ..occupation and colonization which has imposed by security establishment, making a foreign language as dominant, stealing 97% of Sindh’s resources.


Sindhi Nationalists settling illegal Afghan Refugees Near Sindhi Society

by Marvi Memon, TX

NOTE: I am writing below after investigation. Please do not issue unnecessary denials. Instead, you may personally investigate matter in detail at yourself.

A valuable piece of land about 30 acres owned by the Sindh government situated at Main National Highway (Bin Qasim Town) in Karachi has been grabbed by a Sindhi nationalist leader of Hyderabad [A**** Bh*******o] and has been demarcated into residential and commercial plots. He is selling the plots illegally and according to reliable information, 80% such plots have been sold to Afghan Refugees.

Unfortunately, the grabbed land is opposite Sindhi Jamaat Cooperative Housing Society, Main National Highway, Karachi where overwhelming population is of Sindhis.

After the settling of illegal Afghan Refugees, the Sindhi people who are residing in abundance in Sindhi Society (Opposite) and adjoining Sindhi villages would face culture of arms and ammunition besides drugs in the area and there is strong possibility that future of coming generation would be ruined compeletly.

They are openly using the name of Sindh Home Minister *** *** as their leader but I am not sure Mr *** is involved or not but it is confirmed that without the support of Sindh Govt officials, it was not possible to grab the valuable land.

In order to hoodwink the people, they have given the fake name of Village Hassan Punhawar Residency to the illegal settlement.

All Sindhis are requested to take up this matter seriously as we fear that the new generation of Sindhis living in Malir District would be ruined due to arms and ammunition besides drug culture which they would introduce.

This is very serious issue.

Thu, April 8, 2010

Opinion: Is it a new development OR an old fashioned move against govt…any role by establishment?

by: Saifullah Shaikh

News are emerging from Sindh that Sindhi Nationalist Parties (under leadership of Awami Tahreek) has decided in a meeting at QASIMABAD that they are willing to take part in General elections in greater benefit of Sindh/national rights because present PPP Govt: is not successful in achieving such rights!!??—-they are also of the opinion that if present Govt: would collapse than Prime-minister have option to announce mid-term elections!and they will participate in such election process?. Well as a student of politics, I have few Questions to ask about this kind of Nationalism.

1. At the end of AwamiTehreeks Long-march in Karachi, Why their leadership allowed pro-Musharaf anti-democratic/anti-Sindh elements like Tahreek i insaf and Jamaat i Islami to use their stage for speeches —– what was their purpose?

2. A lot of Sindhis would question the timings of such pro-active role of Sindhi nationalists When PPP is preparing a case for Sindh in terms of NFC AWARD and for Balouchis in terms of Balouchistan Package (as a new initiative for Balouch Rights). Keep in mind the on-going war, PPP is fighting with Taliban, and other forces in this regard. PPP is also facing Media Propaganda and attacks against Sindhi culture as well.

3.Could it be the same old tactics of Sindhi Nationalists which reminds us their opposition to MRD Movement during 1980’s!? or Can we consider this move (BY ESTABLISHMENT as their long-awaited planning) to dilute PPP majority in Sindh in order to benefit MQM and Nawaz-League and their Chauvanism in long-term fashion. I think these are legitimate Questions which need satisfactory explanation— other people may disagree on this analysis also.

World Sindhi Congress appeals the government to take back its charges against Sindhi nationalists

Press release by Information Secretary Ali Memon
29 January 2009
World Sindhi Congress, a leading Sindhi organisation working for the cause of human rights Of Sindh and Sindhis, is deeply concerned at the present government’s act of charging more than 350 leaders and activists of Jeeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz (JSQM) for sedition for delivering speeches on the 105th birth anniversary of the founder of the Jeeay Sindh Tehrik, Saeen G.M. Sayed on 17th January, 2009.

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Sindhi Nationalist Politics in Sindh

Sindhi Nationalist Politics in Crisis of Credibility and Competence
By: Naseer Memon
[The writer can be reached at: nmemon2004@yahoo.com]
Translation by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Email: khashmani@hotmail.com
[Note by Khalid Hashmani: Naseer Memon’s wonderful article on Sindhi nationalist politics, .. an abbreviated translation by me. I wholeheartedly agree with the analysis, recommendation, and conclusions of Naseer Memon. This is a “must read” article for all those who are interested in the future of Sindh and Sindhi identity.]

Background and Current Challenges
Sindhi nationalist organizations have played an important role in the context of Sindhi rights. They began their work inspired by their urge to preserve of Sindhi identity and protect Sindhi language. They are now engaged to safeguard Sindh ownership of its natural resources, oppose unjust NFC award and secure water rights. It is because of their hard and good work that even the federalist parties are now forced to talk about provincial autonomy and provincial rights.

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