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Sindhi Book : Chand Chawanee Sachu

Altaf Shaikh

“Chand Chawanee Sachu” چنڊ چوانءِ سچ by Altaf Shaikh

Pages: 300 includeing 16 pages of Coloured photographs, Price: Rs. 250/- Publishers: Roshini Publicatioans.

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A Sindhi travelogue of India – Delhi Darshan

The book titled, Delhi Darshan, written by Zulfiqar Halepoto, has been published. This book is a travelogue of India. The book is published by Pakistan’s leading publishing center, FICTION HOUSE. Forward of the book is written by, renowned historian and intellectual, Ahmed Saleem. This is more about political discourse and it discussed Sindh’s decade’s old role in promoting peace, tolerance and secular values to make this region a diverse and peaceful region. It discussed the pains of partition of sub-continent, soreness of migration, crisis of ethnic identity and language, introduction of politics of violence and racism in Sindh, influx towards Sindh and disturbances in Sindh’s socio-economic and cultural landscapes,

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