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Sindh points out deviation from NFC criteria

Courtesy: Dawn

KARACHI: Sindh has lodged a formal protest with the federal government over what it termed deviation from the recommendations of the 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award, sources in the federal ministry of finance told Dawn.

The provincial government has complained that some key recommendations of the award relating to the multiple criteria and sales tax on services had been omitted from the President’s Order No 4 of 2010.

It has warned that if agreed amendments were not incorporated in the order Sindh might decide to distance itself from the award, sources maintained.

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The Performance of Sindh Govt: Allocated Funds lapsed!


By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

Each District in Sindh gets funds from the Provincial Government for its expenditure to be incurred on its developmental and non-developmental projects and Schemes.The development expenditure is meant to spend on new projects and Schemes for producing more goods and services in the province where as non-development funds are meant for spending on the salaries, security and recurring program etc.

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Can Sindh Government construct a motorway connecting Karachi to Jacobabad

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean

On Friday (April 24, 2009), I attended an extremely informative presentation at the SAIS on the positive impact of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway on the surrounding rural villages of Punjab. I urge the Government of Sindh to construct a motorway connecting Karachi to Jacobabad to duplicate similar improvement around the villages of Sindh.

The presentation was made Ms. Mahvish Shami, who is currently pursuing PhD degree at the Development Studies Institute at London School of Economics. Incidentally, her village too is in the Hafizabad district of Punjab, where she conducted her study.

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Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh – says NFC Action Committee Sindh


Population Tyranny of Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Ibrat, Nov. 13, 2009

By Javed Qazi, Karachi, Sindh

Respected Sir,

We acknowledge to the fact that you, your family and the Party had struggled at a great length for the restoration of democracy in the country. Your sacrifices have bare fruit that today not only the democracy is restored but also judiciary is relatively independent. We categorically share with you the same principle that these are fundamentally the military dictatorships that have weakened the country and it is only the democratic process which not only strengthens the democracy but shall also make the country become stable and sovereign along with the democratic process. Having this common interest with you today we feel contented to discuss with you this fact as well that ours is the democracy which has federalism as its basic component.

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Pakistan’s National Finance Commission (NFC) Awards – A tool to exploit Sindh

By Naseer Memon (English Translation by: Khalid Hashmani)

[Backdrop: As the Pakistani establishment including their new political party partners mull over the upcoming NFC award, the people of Sindh have dug their heals and want that the awards be fair and follow the best practices of other similar countries such as India. The grass-root political workers from all political parties in Sindh who have long criticized the inequalities of NFC award are joining hands to bring an end to the exploiting aspects of the award. In this backdrop, SaeeN Naseer Memon has once again written a timely and detailed analysis of the exploiting nature of current NFC awards. He urges the ruling party that as the inequities in the form of NFC started after 1973 constitution when PPP was in power; the time has come for PPP to play its role in correcting this historic form of exploitation and restore fairness to all provinces. It is hoped that the information in this article would enable those who are engaged in lobbying and advocacy activities on behalf of Sindh to get it in front of decision makers and influencers. ]

Basic inequities of Current NFC Awards

The critical inequities of the NFC award lie in three areas – first it is distributed solely on the basis of population, second it covers almost all of the revenue generation in Pakistan, and third it enables the federal government to keep a lion’s share for itself.

How Pakistan and other countries collect and distribute revenues to Provinces?

In 1974, 1979, and 1990 NFC awards, provinces received 80% of total revenue collected and 20% was kept by the federal government. However, starting 1996 during the rule of an interim government headed by PPP’s Miraj Malik and when the Chief Minister was Mumtaz Bhutto, the federal share was drastically increased to 62.5% leaving only 37.5% for the provinces.

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In late eighties, after bearing considerable resistance of federal government and State Bank, the provinces of Punjab and NWFP were able to establish provincial Banks such as Bank of Punjab and the Bank of Khyber. Both banks are functioning as commercial Banks providing people of their provinces benefits of employment, finance, training and economic development.


PPP is treating Sindh as PURCHASED SLAVE!

Deteriorating Sindh: PPP regime and our role

by: Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh

I am writing these lines with great disappointment and anger on the state of affairs in Sindh in all sectors of governance and the conduct of present regime and especially the performance of PPP.

I have visited 18 districts of Sindh for a district level consultation to hear the voices of the people on six  issues education, health, food (agriculture, water and environment), housing, and natural resource management). This is an initiative of an international NGO.

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Nazar Mahar missing from promotion list of civil service of Sindh!

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

A couple of months ago, one of my friends happened to be in a Sindh government meeting chaired by Nazar Mahar. According to him, in the meeting, the DCO Karachi demanded the lion’s share for Karachi from the funds allocated for the Sindh province. Mr. Mahar, in his capacity as the Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Sindh, refused to fulfill the demand saying, “Mr. so and so, these funds are for the whole of Sindh and Sindh is not just about Karachi”. The DCO, a relatively junior officer, not used to being refused from the government officials, got enraged and misbehaved with Mr. Mahar. He told Mahar that he had made a mistake by refusing his demand and would pay dearly for it.

Then about a month or so ago, the omnipotent Nazim of Karachi, issued a statement, duly and dutifully carried by Jand and other ‘national’ media outlets, that the only hindrance to city’s progress was a man named Nazar Mahar.

I am not surprised at all to see his name missing from the list of blessed few. I had been awaiting this moment and wanted to see how they were going to sting an officer of otherwise immaculate record. In Sindhi they say, “Daryaah mein rahi waaggun saan ver!”


by Dr Ali Akbar M. Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

After breakup of one unit in 1970, the Sindh Government restored its provincial status and restarted its functions as separate provincial entity having its HQS at karachi like other provinces which took their original positions of the separate provinces in the names of Punjab, NWFP and Balauchistan in the oosted west Pakistan as in the forner East Pakistan, Bangladesh an independent country got emergence. The Government of Sindh Information Department considering the significance of the data and information regarding all the departments of the Sindh Government published a book entiled Sindh Annual covering all the data and figures about all the socio-economic development and progress in the Sindh Province in 1974.

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Tall promises in Sindh Budget 2009-10

Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Syed Qaim Ali Shah

PPP’s Agenda for ChangeTall promises in Sindh Budget 2009-10

Notes by: Ahmad Mushtaque, Karachi, Sindh. June 19, 2009

Development Plans of PPP Government in Sindh in Rs 327 billion estimated budget.

Following are some of the attractive wish list mentioned in Budget speech of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah in his budget speech. The provincial PPP government presented second budget on June 10, 2009. We will see when the year ends, how much is implemented.

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Sindh Budget: Questions and Concerns

sindhassembyProvincial budget 2009-2010

By Ahmad Mushtaque, Sindh

Note: Write up was written two weeks before the budget was announced on June 15.

The elected government of Pakistan Peoples Party is going to present its second budget for fiscal year 2009-10 in a week or so time, provincial budgets are not authorized to make economic policies for taxation and monitory policies are centralized in Pakistan. For over 85% financial resources, provinces depend on federal transfers, shares from divisible pool and grants. This fiscal structure in spirit is negation of federal system of governance. Provinces are been turned into post offices to distribute salaries and transfer funds to local governments. Successive military governments have rendered provinces irrelevant in making development planning and building capacity to generate resources.

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Disturbing news for Sindh

Controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals in Budget 2009-10

by Zulfiqar Halepoto, Secretary, SDF

It is very disappointing to note that all anti-Sindh water sector development projects including controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals are included in the coming Federal Budget 2009-10 under PPP regimn, who claimed to be the champion of just and right case of the lower riparian Sindh on water.

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Sindhis: Orphans in Karachi

by Isahq Tunio

I feel sense of deprivation, isolation and helplessness in Sindh and no legal protection to Sindhi families in Karachi from federal and Sindh governments. I watched KTN and Sindh TV news and shocked to watch the video of Mehran Town Killings in Karachi. In armed attack on Sindhi villagers by terrorist (city community police/ known terrorists and town nazim) two people have been killed , hundreds of families have been displaced relatives were unable to collect the bodies for 6 hours due to continuous firing. Police and Rangers are not taking any action. Police raided houses of Sindhis in different villages and took licensed/ legal weapons from them.

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Provincial autonomy: Inaction of the Sindh government

sindhSelected and translated by Sohail Sangi

What Sindhi Press says;

THE Sindh government has failed to submit a proposal to the federal government for the abolition of the concurrent list and granting of more provincial autonomy. The statements by the members of the Sindh government in the media indicate that they are well aware of the issue. But they have failed to act on their words.

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By: Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

– May 1, 2009

Ethnic violence in Karachi-MQM’s broken moral compass

I was thrilled to see a joint press conference held by Pakistan People’s Party home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Dr Farooq Sattar and Awami National Party leader Amin Khattak in which they declared not to side with the perpetrators of ethnic violence in Karachi. I should have known it was too good to be true. Within a few hours another press conference called by MQM demanded a selective enforcement of the law.



Entirely a Karachi Show- News Comment by G.N. Mughul

Courtesy: The Frontier Post

A high level meeting, held here in urgency on Monday under the chairmanship of President Asif Zardari to consider and approve development projects of Sindh, is being called by circles attached with Sindh Government as an “entirely a Karachi show” arranged to appease MQM – a coalition partner of PPP at Centre as well as Sindh Government. On interviewing some important “characters” attached with the said episode” some very interesting aspects have come to light, like: (a) even Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah had no prior knowledge as to what issues were to be discussed at the said meeting, (b) a trio comprising Salman Farooqui, Secretary General to President, Chief Secretary Sindh and Karachi City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal, was the real motivating force behind the said meeting and was silently making necessary preparations for the said meeting, and

(c) the holding of the said meeting and decisions taken at the said meeting are being called by legal and technical experts as in gross violation of the rules of the business of Sindh as well as Pakistan. It has been learnt that a day before i.e. on Sunday Syed Qaim Ali Shah had no information about the issues to be discussed at the said meeting to be presided over by the President on Monday. In the evening on Sunday somehow information was leaked to Sindh Chief Minister that a high level meeting was scheduled to be held in Karachi on Monday under the chairmanship of President and in this regard some preparations were going on in the office of Sindh Chief Secretary. On getting this information, Sindh Chief Minister is reported to have called Chief Secretary and asked him about the meeting and the issues likely to be discussed. In response, the Chief Secretary reportedly informed him that presentation to President was to be given on the issues of Sindh, including Karachi. Afterwards, the Sindh Chief Minister issued directives to high officials of Sindh Government of concerned departments to prepare a presentation on the issues of Sindh including those of Karachi. As the follow up of these directives the offices of the departments concerned were opened by midnight and presentation was prepared and presented to Sindh Chief Minister before the dawn of the next day. However, some other reports indicated that a separate presentation was being prepared in the office of City Nazim, Karachi. While, according to these reports Salman Farooqui, Secretary General to President was also presiding a meeting at State Guest House the same night and making preparations for the next day high level meeting. According to the experts, the approval of the projects at the said meting was in violation of the rules of business of Sindh as well as Pakistan. According to this opinion, all these projects were required to be processed and mooted out by Sindh Government. Besides, for the approval, these projects were also required to have been examined by Planning Commission and discussed at the relevant forums. As against that from Sindh only City Nazim and Chief Secretary were on board and as for Federal Government/ Planning Commission, only Secretary General to the President and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Sardar Asef Ahmad Ali were said to be on board as the latter was called from Islamabad for this purpose and he was also present in Monday meeting. The experts are of the view that the meetings of the forums like ECNEC or Cabinet needed to be presided over by Prime Minister but nor the President. These circles have drawn attention that actually a precedent to this effect was set by former military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf who used to preside special meetings to approve development projects as was done particularly in water sector. According to details of the proceedings of the high level meeting, it continued for three hours out of which 2 hours and 45 minutes were consumed on discussing the issues of Karachi and on taking decisions about the said issues while the issues of rest of Sindh were discussed and disposed off during the rest about 15 minutes. During post meeting press conference, Sindh Information Minister Mrs. Shazia Marri giving details about the decisions taken at the said meeting, announced that as many as six new huge development projects of Karachi requiring billions of rupees, were approved by the meeting. The details of these projects are: (i) Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Transit CNG Bus project for Karachi under which 500 environment-friendly CNG buses would be introduced. The scheme would be launched by City Nazim who would oversee the implementation, (ii) Karachi Mass Transit: GOP will provide sovereign guarantee for this project which would be built as a BOO scheme and international competitive bids would be invited soon, (iii) Karachi Circular Railway: This project is being revived with a cost of Rs. 1.6 billion with international assistance, (iv) Lyari Express Way: This project was approved and it was decided that the Planning Commission would finance this project, (v) Bus Rapid Transit System: This project was also approved and it was decided that this project would be implemented by City Nazim Karachi. And (vi) Karachi Sewerage Scheme was also approved. As for other projects particularly concerning interior Sindh, President directed that construction of Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway be in conformity with international standard. It was decided that work on Larkana-Khairpur bridge be accelerated, instructions were issued to NHA to complete work on priority basis on Sukkur-Shikarpur-Jacobabad express way and Rato Dero-Sehwan additional carriageway, instructions about LBOD and RBOD faulty projects were also issued. As for vital Thar Coal project, President desired to expedite the work on this project. The vital Ketty Bunder project was not discussed at all. According to reports leaked out from the meeting, it is said that on about two occasions when Sindh Chief Minister objected on making City Nazim responsible for the project on the ground that there was Provincial Government it has its Transport and other departments, but he over ruled when Salman Farooqui intervened and gave new direction to the discussion and decisions were taken without considering the stand taken by Provincial Chief Executive.

APRIL 22, 2009

Teachers of Sindh forced to beg

Teachers are forced to beg
by Kazi Khadim Hussain
The writer can be reached at kazikhadimhussain@yahoo.com
Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Karachi, Sindh, 5.4.2009
I was mortified reading a report in a local news paper that an action forum of junior teachers has been compelled to establish a begging camp at Fakir ka Pir, a very busy market place of Hyderabad city as they have not been disbursed salaries for the last seven month.

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