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Civil-Military Rift in Pakistan Over US Aid

by Omar Ali, USA

Lets see what happens. My guess is that the US embassy will do what the US president does with congress, bribe them by increasing the unmonitored goodies (announced or unannounced). But will the army bite? On past performance, one would guess they will. Its hard to see how a rift with their paymasters and a revival of jihadism will help the property values in sector E-7, but one must keep in mind that these are generals who think of themselves as amazing trapeze artists who can fly through the air and grab that handhold at the last possible moment. They may be calculating that Obama has absolutely no choice in this matter since a face-saving exit from Afghanistan depends mostly on ISI cooperation. This perception has probably been bolstered by Obama’s very public wavering over Afghanistan, but the problem I see is that even if they are correct and Anne Patterson gives them their India-specific Jihadis and even their “good taliban”, it is the jihadists who will not stick to the script. In the long run, this extortion is a recipe for disaster (some would argue that so is meek acceptance of the American plans, but we may have to compare disaster to disaster and see which nasty medicine tastes a shade better)….

I can hear some people saying “China will bail us out” or “Saudi Arabia will take up the slack”. Well, we will see. I don’t think so…

If anyone has any doubts left about who is orchestrating the opposition to the Kerry Lugar bill, they should read Kamran Khan’s column. It seems the main sticking point is not the Kashmiri Jihadis or even the blessed “good Taliban”. Its the fact that bloody civilians may try to “interfere” in the army that is supposedly subservient to the same “bloody civilians”. Unfortunately, the short sighted Mian brothers have opted for the politically expedient and suicidal route of supporting the corpse commanders on this issue….

Courtesy: CRCP yahoo groups

There is No Statesman in PML(N)- May Allah help us!

by: Khan Arif
All they can do to issue inflammatory statements distorting facts. We lost Eastern wing (Bangladesh) because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding to the conditions for national integrity. Statesmen may make mistakes but they make amends when needed. The essence of statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past, but a prudent and probing concern for the future. It is because of statesmanship in PPP that they formed Ruling Alliance not only in Federal capitol but also in the three provinces and they also joined Punjab Government fro a brief period. By reconciling their differences PPP and MQM have shown statesmanship and one wishes that Nawaz League also does that.In the past he had irreconcilable differences not only with President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, but also Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, and he participated in toppling PPP Government twice and Junejo government and went back on his promises with MQM and ordered military crackdown creating MQM Haquqi group of militants for bashing Altaf group. Now it is his third attempt to topple PPP Government by raising calls of civil disobedience and rebellion and calling the parliament and judiciary bogus. If this is called statesmanship may Allah help us.

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