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All Major Terror Groups Based In Pakistan – U.S. says

Washington: Top US lawmakers agree that Pakistan constituted the principal challenge for US policymakers as all major terror groups, including perhaps Osama bin Laden, were in that country. John Kerry, Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, acknowledged Pakistan was at the core of US challenge in the AfPak region, as all major terror groups including the Lashkar-e-Taiba, blamed for the Mumbai terror attacks and Al Qaeda leaders, “most likely including Osama bin Laden”, are based in Pakistan… “New York or Mumbai or Peshawar”, all are threatened by extremism, said Kerry, a co-author of a bill tripling non-military aid to Pakistan to $7.5 billion over five years, at a congressional hearing. Confronting terrorism was major challenge before the world and cooperation was the key to succeed against the menace, Kerry said. “We must work together in stopping people throwing bombs and killing innocent people. That’s the world’s challenge…

Richard Lugar, the top Republican on the panel, said: “The future direction of governance in Pakistan will have consequences for non-proliferation efforts, global economic stability, our relationships with India and China and security in both the Middle East and South Asia regions.” “The potential global impact of instability in a nuclear armed Pakistan dwarfs anything that is likely to happen in Afghanistan,” he said. Underlining the need for taking the war on terror to its logical end in Pakistan, Kerry said from Haqqani network to Quetta Shura, the extremist groups do not stop at Afghan border and “so our strategy must also extend to Pakistan“.

“Al Qaeda’s leader are there, most likely including Osama bin Laden, homegrown militants like the LeT are there, and so are the men directing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, he said.  …

Origional KL bill contained important points in favor of the indigenous people of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP

by Shakeel Nizamani, Calgary, Canada

…Origional bill contained important points in favor of the indigenous people of Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP. The negotiating team from Pakistan got it amended and deleted the point in our favor. Right Wing extremists and establishment has been protesting against even the present aid bill that demands continuity of civilian and democratic set up. We need to encounter right wing propaganda by demanding the implementation of original version.

Courtesy: SANAlist

Pakistan : Not so helpful, this aid!

Dr. Manzur Ejaz
Dr. Manzur Ejaz

WASHINGTON DIARY: Not so helpful, this aid!

by Dr Manzur Ejaz

Courtesy: Wichaar.com, October 13th, 2009

Given how a big chunk of the aid money goes back to American, the US needs a new approach if it really means to change the economic situation in this troubled region. No project will become feasible if it is managed by US NGOs.

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Kerry-Lugar bill : The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan

Separating Myth from Fact on The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009

Courtesy: Senator John Kerry

The United States wants to transform its relationship with Pakistan into a deeper, broader, long-term strategic engagement with the people of Pakistan. The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act (S.1707), also known as the Kerry-Lugar bill, was designed to help turn the page in our bilateral relationship by moving beyond a military relationship to one where the United States engages directly with the people of Pakistan as a true ally and friend.

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